Posted by Rick R. on Dec 10, 2020

When I first had the opportunity to join Deck Expressions as a marketing/customer service director I wondered if it was really a good fit for me. After all, I’ve never been a true DIY guy at my own home. Heck, I often make the joke that my wife is the one at our house who “changes the light bulbs”. Sadly, it’s not a joke—it’s true. Am I really equipped to work closely with manufacturers and customers on their dream decks?

As I started thinking more about it, I wondered to myself what constitutes the “dream” deck? Is it the size of the deck? The materials? The accessories? The lighting? The railing style? The post caps? The color of the deck boards?

What I came to realize is that the answers to the questions above are different for every home-owner who is planning to build or renovate their outdoor deck. However there is one question that when asked, by and large the answer that comes back is more or less the same for all.

That question? What do you want most from your completed deck?

That answer? Memories of happy times with family and friends.

This got me thinking about my own deck at my house and what it has meant to me. When I first purchased my home in 2002, my first-born son had just turned 13 months old. The deck that existed was huge and added tremendous living space to the home. I can recall sitting for hours watching my toddler wheel himself on his toy of choice to exhaustion. It was here that I started to realize the importance of this outdoor living space, something that wasn’t even on my wish list when looking for a home.

Since then? There have been hundreds of gatherings and celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and graduations. There have been even more moments of quiet reflection, important conversations, and moments of much need solitude.

So while we all may have different ideas of what constitutes a beautiful deck, I think it is safe to say that we all share one common desire when it comes to our outdoor deck—that it ultimately be a place where we can gather with family and friends—and sometimes by ourselves—to create life-long memories, gain stolen moments of peace and ultimately be a place that we desire to be as much as possible.

It was upon this realization that I knew that regardless of my lack of handyman/DIY skills, Deck Expressions was the PERFECT place for me to work with customers to help them create a place where they can gain all of these important benefits from their own outdoor decks.

Let me and the team here at Deck Expressions work with you to make your “dream” deck a reality…whatever that dream deck may be. You can email me personally at to get started.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and safe holiday season.