Give your tired deck a facelift

Posted by Contact Sales on May 30, 2015

No need to spend a ton of money on ripping down your old pine or cedar deck. Give your deck a facelift.


Remove your old handrails, if your 4x4's or 6x6's are in good shape, leave them alone. If not, they can be easily replaced (as long as they are not structural) by using a product called Titan Post Anchor or a Simpson anchor.

Once the rails are down and your posts are in place I suggest pressure washing then sanding your deck. Repair damaged boards where needed. Now paint or stain the deck. There are tons of colors in the market to choose from.

As far as the rails, this is where the fun comes in. There are many choices when it comes to balusters (spindles) This will be the focus of the deck. People are surprised when they find out the cost of a powder coated aluminum baluster is pretty close to the same price as a PT 2x2 wood spindle. Use a wood top and bottom rail to support the spindles and a flat 2x4 for a handrail.

This is something that most handy people can do on their own.