Glass Baluster Stair Connector by Deckorators

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Deckorators Glass Baluster Stair Connector

Frontier Scenic Stair Connectors - 5-1/4" high x 4" wide connector. Makes installation easy. Designed to work with 1 cross support. Each 2 ~ pk contains a top and bottom connector, top and bottom stair adapter, and stainless steel screws to install one Frontier Scenic Baluster. 35 degree slope angle 


  • Use to secure 4" Scenic balusters to a rail or stair rail.
  • Creates a channel for the glass balusters while adding an elegant design component.
  • Packaged with stainless steel screws.
  • See the straight Connector.
  • Rail and stair rail connectors available for the Deckorators Frontier Glass Baluster.
  • Contains 2 Connectors for stair baluster installation


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