Ipe Clip EXTREME 4 by Deck Wise

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IPE Clip EXTREME 4 by Deck Wise 

Unlike most all-metal hidden deck fasteners, which can react with wood causing staining, the Ipe Clip® is molded of a malleable plastic polymer resin coating (further adding UV & chemical resistant qualities), allowing for the natural expansion/contraction of wood decking. Our rigid stainless steel insert firmly holds decking to joists (up to 3X more hold-down strength than other edge-mount deck fasteners), eliminating decking screws from pulling through as the deck material expands. Designed for exotic hardwoods, the color of the plastic resin also works to further camouflage & conceal our fasteners between the board gaps for a more sleek, upscale surface.

Designed for Air & Kiln dried woods!


  • Automatically spaces deck boards at 5/32" (2,4mm)
  • Manufactured from polypropylene with stainless steel black oxide insert
  • For use with air dried hardwood, composite, or PVC decking
  • Allows for expansion of width of air dried hardwoods
  • Allows movement of length with composite/PVC decking
  • Unique design allows for more tolerance in grooved side profile while increasing hold-down area
  • UV resistant
  • Available in black
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Do It Once, Do It Right, Do It Out Of Sight!™


  • (175) Ipe Clip® Extreme® Hidden Deck Fasteners ~ Covers 100sq. ft.
  • (190) #8x2" (#8 x 5,08cm) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (12) 3/8" (9,5mm) Tapered Ipe plugs
  • (1) 1/8" (3,2mm) High Speed Drill Bit
  • (1) T15 Star Driver Tips
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

Allows Contraction on the Width of Air-Dried Hardwoods

 The method of 45 degree screws hold the decking tight to the joist, while allowing one side of the deck board to remain free to contract.






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