Push All Deck Snow Removal Shovel

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1-year limited warranty
Powder-coated steel handle and high-density polyethylene blade are corrosion resistant

Push All Snow Removal Shovel for Decks

The ultimate tool for your shoveling needs. Move snow, mulch and other loose materials and glide effortlessly across uneven surfaces. Safe on wood decks. Great for agricultural purposes too.

Unique 3-Sided Blade Design:

  • Equivalent to a 48" standard shovel or scraper
  • Holds up to 2300 cubic inches of material per pass — saving you time and energy
  • Loose materials won’t fall off the blade edge like traditional straightedge shovels and scrapers
  • Easily glides over cracks and seams in cement, decks, pavers, and other uneven surfaces
  • Replaceable blade made of recycled, nearly indestructible high-density polyethylene
  • Safe for wood and composite decks
  • Patent pending
  • Dual blades extend the life of your pusher - simply flip blade over to other side if one side becomes dull


  • Handle automatically adjusts to your height and push angle, reducing back strain
  • Wide U-handle evenly distributes weight to both arms, allowing you to push more with less effort, unlike traditional single-shaft handles
  • Dual use for both pushing and pulling
  • Insulated, shock-absorbing grips won’t get cold or slippery, even in the harshest of conditions
  • Powder-coated steel handle and high-density polyethylene blade are corrosion resistant
  • Stand, fold, or hang up for easy storage
  • Light-weight and easy to use, only 8 lbs!
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Pivoting handle and blade ensures comfortable push angle


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