Simpson ABW66Z 6x6 ABW Adjustable Post Base

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Simpson Strong Tie ABW Adjustable and Standoff Post Bases

The Strong-Tie ABW series of adjustable post bases provide a 1" standoff for the post and are slotted for adjustability. The Strong-Tie ABW66Z post base features a G185 ZMAX galvanized finish for added corrosion resistance and requires the use of hot-dip galvanized fasteners which meet the specifications of ASTM A153.


  • The slot in the base enables flexible positioning around the anchor bolt, making precise post placement easier
  • The 1" standoff helps prevent rot at the end of the post and meets code requirements for structural posts installed in basements or exposed to weather or water splash


  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Post bases do not provide adequate resistance to prevent members from rotating about the base and therefore are not recommended for non top-supported installations (such as fences or unbraced carports).
  • Place the base, load transfer plate and nut on the anchor bolt. Loosely tighten the nut.


  • Place the standoff base and then the post in the ABW and fasten on three vertical sides, using nails or Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to post placement and tighten the nut securely on the anchor bolt.
  • Bend up the fourth side of the ABW and fasten using the correct fasteners. 
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