Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun

Working with grooved decking requires a particular approach and a precise set of tools, and if you want to complete the job with time to spare, there’s one particular tool that you should set your radar on: the Tiger Claw Installation Gun.

A Well Oiled Machine that is Above & Beyond the Competition

Installing hidden fasteners into grooved decking isn’t as easy as it sounds, but with the Tiger Claw gun’s unique nosepiece, it can hold fasteners steadily and in the correct position while firing a screw nail (otherwise known as a scrail) through the joist, all in one easy step. With this installation gun, you can expect to install up to 400 square feet of decking in an hour due to the fact that this gun can easily install six hidden fasteners every 26 seconds. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, we’d call that some pretty impressive progress.

Additional Supplies

When you buy your Tiger Claw Installation Gun at Deck Expressions, you can also benefit from the included instructional DVD, a thorough owner’s manual, adjusting wrenches, gun oil, and a lifetime warranty. Plus, Deck Expressions offers free shipping on all purchases over fifty dollars, so your Tiger Claw Installation Gun will arrive right at your doorstep for no extra cost.

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