Tiger Jaw

There’s no doubt about it; the Tiger Jaw installation tool by Tiger Claw is the key to streamlining your deck installation process. Specifically engineered for use with square-edged decking, this powerful piece of equipment is compatible with TC-3, TC-4, and ProClip Hidden Fastening Systems, it is designed to work with drive-in fasteners that require at least a ⅛” gap, and it completely eliminates the need for an unwieldy, labor-intensive sledge hammer during the installation process.

One Tool—So Many Reasons to Love It

You may wonder how the Tiger Jaw installation tool accomplishes all of this—and we’ll let you in on the secret: it delivers targeted downward pressure on the decking boards while taking hold of the loose decking plank and feeding it into the exposed Tiger Claw clips. The seamless process ensures that you’ll finish your project with plenty of time to spare, saving you time and money.

If you are a commercial builder and deck installer, your customers will surely appreciate this quieter, smoother installation process compared to the constant bang of your sledge hammer, and if you’re not a professional, we guarantee that you’ll love the fact that this tool will pay for itself after just a couple solid man hours.

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An ergonomically efficient tool made from high-quality steel, this Tiger Jaw installation tool will quickly become your go-to for easy installation, and you can get yours right here at Deck Expressions. For any questions, feel free to contact us today!