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Tiger Claw Fasteners

At deckexpressions.com we offer Tiger Claw They have a wide variety of fasteners for softwoods (TC-1), hardwoods (TC-4), composites (TC-3), and grooved boards (TC-120), in stainless steel or powder-coated. Except on the grooved-board fastener (the TC-G), the dual-pronged clips work pretty much the same on all versions. A proprietary block is used to drive the fastener into the first board, the fastener is toe-screwed to the board and the joist, and the next board is driven onto the exposed prongs. The TC-G is not much different, except that instead of driving prongs into the edge of a deck board, the wings on the TC-G simply hook into pre-milled grooves in the boards. Also available for quicker installation is the Tiger Claw Installation gun, along with strip fasteners.