Metal Post Trim


Aluminum Base Post Trim

A deck is only as good as the details that go into it, and when it comes to finding the perfect decorative elements to make your hard work shine, a metal base post trim is a must-have addition. At Deck Expressions, our collection of metal post base trim and post skirts features a wide variety of options for you to choose from, and no matter what style, color, or type of material you have your heart set on, we’ll be sure to deliver.

A Touch of Elegance or a Subtle Coverup

Whether you’re looking to add that extra touch of detail to your structure, or you’re simply interested in hiding any minor imperfections you may have noticed along the base of your posts, skirting is the way to go. Not only are our metal post base trim products easy to install, either with tack nails or glue, but they can also be easily painted or stained to match your deck’s current finish.

Find the Product that Suits You Best

If you are most interested in minimalistic design, the streamlined look of the Accents Post Skirt by Fortress may be more up your alley. Your choice comes down to finding the metal post base trim that suits your personality that best.

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