Cortex Concealed Fastening System


Cortex Deck Fasteners for Decking

The Cortex hidden fastening system is the fastest, easiest way to hide the heads of your deck screws on most leading brands of deck board types. Simple and easy to use, just set the screw, set the plug, and you’re all set. Cortex deck fasteners offer a strong face-mount connection between the deck board and joist. It hides fasteners across the entire deck, first and last board, perimeter, and stairs. We carry Cortex for the following brands: Azek - TimberTech. They are available in a 100-square-foot package and a 300-square-foot package. All screws, plugs, and setting tools are included in every box.

Cortex for Azek Trim

The FastenMaster Cortex Concealed Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to conceal the fastener heads when installing PVC trim boards.  No more caulking, sanding, or painting needed. Available in Azek white only. Smooth and grained boards. Azek fasteners now available in collated and paintable options.

Cortex now comes with the following product enhancements:

TORX® ttap® Drive System: This system is almost impossible to strip-out. In addition, the stability button keeps the fastener straight through installation.
Modified Fastener: New thread design reduces installation torque and dramatically increases fastener strength. Length moves from 2 ½”.
Stronger Setting Tool: Optimized for extreme pro contractor use. Stronger bit material and industrial grade felt will enable you to install 350 fasteners on one Cortex Setting Tool.

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