Structural Hardware


Structural Deck Hardware

Structural deck hardware such as wood screws and engineered brackets are becoming increasingly more common quite simply because they’re stronger, less expensive, easier, and faster to install than traditional lag bolts and fasteners. Deck Expressions is proud to offer Simpson Strong-Tie and FastenMaster Lok Line of structural wood screws and super rugged fasteners in its catalog of deck building tools and materials!

LOK Line Structural Screws and Fasteners

Contractors and homeowners are quickly moving from lag bolts to structural screws and fasteners for wood-to-wood connections for a variety of reasons. The LOK Line by FastenMaster consists of a variety of high-quality, rigorously-tested and code-approved wood screws and heavy-duty fasteners designed to improve structural integrity and vastly improve work and cost efficiency.

LOK Line’s wood screws are thinner and feature a sharper point than lag bolts, resulting in increased precision and no pre-drilling. Depending on your specific project, there are a wide variety of LOK screw sizes that are intended for highly specific purposes and functions. The TimberLOK Heavy Duty Wood Screw, for instance, is available in four sizes and is designed for use in attaching rafters or trusses to a double top plate. HeadLOK, a heavy-duty, flathead wood screw is the best choice for replacing ⅜" lag bolts and is ideal for decks, fences, SIPs, kitchen cabinets, and more.

Save time by skipping the pre-drilling and wood splitting with lag screws and work faster, easier, and stronger with the FastenMaster LOK Line of structural wood screws and fasteners from Deck Expressions.

Simpson Strong-Tie

Solutions to meet customers' needs while solving construction constraints. Simpson Strong-Ties make the structural side of deck building a breeze. Using the Simpson products you can be sure that you will be saving time and money while each and every product is code approved.

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