Frequently asked questions


Can stone post covers be stacked?

Yes, the stone post covers are made to be stacked.

We offer both Deckorators and NextStone Post covers that are stackable. These post covers are also available in 2-piece units for posts that are holding up a roof.

What are the actual dimensions of standard nominal 4x4 and 6x6 wood posts?

The precise outside dimensions of a standard 4x4 measures 3 ½″ x 3 ½″,and the 6x6 measures 5 ½″ x 5 ½″.

We offer Vinyl sleeves in the following outside dimensions to fit over nominal lumber dimensions ~ 4x4 ~ 5x5 ~ 6x6 

How do I attach a post cap to the post?

We recommend using an exterior-grade construction adhesive to adhere the cap to the post. Apply the adhesive liberally to the inside of the cap and place the cap firmly over the top of the post. If you prefer to use Brad nails, be sure to pre-drill all nail holes to avoid splitting. Most of our solar and low voltage post caps have pre-drilled holes and included screws to mount the post caps to the post.

Do round or square balusters / spindles come with connectors?

No. Baluster connectors are sold separately in 20 packs or bulk buckets.

Do Face mount balusters / spindles come with mounting hardware?

Yes. The face mount spindles or balusters come with stainless steel screws.

Does the Deckorators ALX Contemporary and Classic Aluminum Railing come with mounting connectors?

YES. The level & stair rails come with 4 connector (2-top & 2-bottom)

Does the ALX Pro Railing come with a top rail?

No. The top cap rail for the Deckorators ALX Pro is sold separately.

Can I use regular batteries in my solar lights?

No. The solar post cap light is designed to be used with rechargeable batteries. If regular batteries are used in the sun, they will destroy the solar collector.


Vinyl Railing & Sleeves

How long will it take to receive vinyl post sleeves and wraps over 96"?

Because these are over 96" they ship via LTL, normal shipping time is between 10-12 business days.

What is RDI Vinyl Railing made from?

We offer multiple vinyl railing options ~ Endurance ~ Finyl Line ~ Titan ~ Select Series.

Vinyl’s base ingredient is rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) modified to provide superior strength and ultraviolet resistance.

Can I paint vinyl railing?

Your choice of RDI vinyl railing would normally preclude the desire to paint or “maintain” it any way. However, if you do choose to paint, there are vinyl primers available to achieve this.

Does Endurance Railing offer rail for handicap access ramps?

Endurance level rail kits are designed to install up to a 5° slope, which is the maximum pitch allowed by code. As recommended earlier, always check with your local code enforcement office for the codes in your area.

How strong is vinyl?

Our vinyl is impact modified for flexibility and durability. All RDI railing decking products meet or exceed the requirements for long-lasting durability and performance after installation.

Is vinyl safe?

Yes. Vinyl has a tough finish, retains virtually no moisture, has no taste, and is non-porous. Final RDI vinyl railing installations will hide all fasteners, leaving nothing but smooth surfaces and no sharp edges.

Will RDI vinyl railing turn yellow?

No. RDI vinyl contains 12 parts titanium dioxide which prevents ultraviolet degradation.

Are RDI vinyl railing kits reinforced in any way?

All our vinyl railing kits are reinforced top and bottom with aluminum extrusions that are specifically engineered for the best performance possible.

Can one railing kit be split evenly in half?

Kits can be cut down to any dimension and, with an additional bracket kit, can become two complete railing sections. Cutting a kit evenly in half usually will not work with symmetrical end spacing.

RDI / Metal Works / Excalibur/Avalon

What gauge steel is the RDI Metal Works Excalibur system?

The Excalibur Steel rails are 14 gauge, posts are 13 gauge, and balusters are 16 gauge steel.

What is the baluster size and spacing for a level rail panel?

RDI Metal Works Excalibur has ⅝” (.625) inch square metal balusters with 3 ⅞” (3.850) inch spacing, measured between the inside faces of two adjacent balusters.

Is the baluster spacing the same for the stair rail panel?

Yes, but only when the stair section is level (0 degrees).

What is included in a level bracket kit?

  • 4 brackets
  • 4 bracket covers
  • Installation hardware

What is included in a stair / level angle bracket kit?

  • 4 brackets
  • Installation hardware

How do I mount an RDI Metal Works steel post?

You must use proper fasteners during installation and check local building codes for requirements. Each excalibur post includes two shims which should be used for leveling the post during installation. RDI Metal Works posts include a 4”x4” bottom steel flange which is ¼” inches thick. The flange is manufactured to accept ⅜” (.375) diameter fasteners.


Where can this product be used?

InstaDeck can be installed over gravel, dirt, concrete and just about anything you can make level. The ideal surface would be level and compacted. Preparing the surface like you would for a paver would be excellent but not required.

Can this be used over deck joists?

No, this product is not meant to go over existing joists. It is meant to be used on the ground – on a flat, level surface.

How durable is this product?

InstaDeck tiles are made out of polypropylene. Polypropylene is thermally stable and does not expand and contract as much as other plastics. It also has other additives to increase its strength. Several thousand pounds have been applied to 1 square foot of the tile without issue. The InstaDeck tiles are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty for residential applications. Additionally, the compatible DuraLife deck boards provide the walking surface and cover the InstaDeck tiles, and they are backed by a 25-year structural and fade and stain limited warranty for residential applications.

Can this product be anchored down?

Yes, each tile has four holes to either stake down into soil or fasten with a concrete anchor on a slab

Can you make curves?

No, you cannot make curves or cuts with InstaDeck tiles.

Is it possible to “picture frame” using this product?

No, there is not picture frame options using InstaDeck.

Can I use this product indoors?

DuraLife is the only compatible decking to be used with InstaDeck at this time. Like all composite decking, DuraLife is rated for outdoor use and not recommended for indoor applications.

Can I install railing on this finished deck?

Railing should not be anchored to InstaDeck, it should be mounted in a manner to ensure code compliance. For ground level applications a railing is not needed.

Can this be used on a rooftop deck?

We have not tested for this application yet, so it is not recommended at this time.

Deckorators Railing

Do I need special tools to install Deckorators railing?

Conventional tools for cutting, drilling and nailing can be used with Deckorators railing. We recommend using a sharp, carbide-tipped saw blade for cutting. For your safety, remember to wear protective clothing and safety glasses. Reference the Railing tab on the Installation Instructions page for railing instructions specific to each product line.

Should I use special tools to install the Cable Railing?

We recommend a new 5/8" chrome-plated socket to protect the fitting from raw steel. Avoid installing with rusty tools, as they leave rust deposits on the surface of the fittings almost immediately. After installation, it is critical to clean the system completely with a stainless cleaner and a soft clean rag in order to clear the surface from carbon deposits. For more information, refer to the Cable Railing Installation Instructions.

How do I maintain my Cable Railing?

Use warm water and mild soap when cleaning. Avoid harsh solutions or abrasive cleaning materials, including but not limited to: alkaline or acidic cleaners or solutions containing trisodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, fluorides or similar compounds. Avoid using power-cleaning tools. Clean the fittings and cable after installation and every 6 months thereafter.

Do Deckorators railings meet building code requirements?

Deckorators composite railing, manufactured by UFP Ventures II, Inc have been evaluated by an independent 3rd party evaluation report writer known as Intertek to be code compliant under Intertek’s CCRR-0171 and CCRR-0335 Evaluation Reports. See reports for complete details.

Are support blocks necessary when building a Deckorators railing?

Yes. Support blocks add strength to the railing system and provide support to prevent the railing from sagging. Spacing varies by railing system. Reference the Railing tab on the Installation Instructions page for railing instructions specific to each product line.  If possible, support blocks should be installed so they are aligned beneath a baluster for maximum reinforcement.

How do I maintain my Aluminum Railing?

We recommend checking and cleaning your Aluminum Railing once per year in normal environments. In more hazardous environments or if heavy soiling occurs, more regular cleaning may be required. To clean, wash the railing with a solution of warm water and mild detergent and rinse to remove all residues. The railing should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge. Test the cleaner in a small, inconspicuous area prior to applying it to the entire railing system to ensure that no color change or damage will occur.

How do I clean my composite deck or rail?

It is important to keep leaves and other materials that can stain off your deck year-round. Sweep off your deck boards and make sure to clean out the spaces between the boards. We recommend using soap or detergent mixed with water to remove any marks or dirt from your deck boards. Power washers can be used to clean deck boards; however, a fan-tip nozzle should be used and should be set on the lowest setting.

Are any of your railings ADA-compliant?

Yes, our Secondary Handrail is ADA-compliant. This attractive and highly versatile, secondary handrail is ideal for meeting building codes when required. Made of heavy gauge aluminum and durable PVC, the system includes five different radius elbows and several styles of returns to meet every possible installation. The railing is available in Textured Black and Textured White and Weathered Brown to complement a home's exterior.

As always, check your local building code or ask your building inspector to make sure a secondary handrail is installed when required by law.

When do you need to install a graspable secondary handrail on a residential deck?

A graspable ADA-Compliant Secondary Handrail is an important component to consider when planning a deck with stairs. So whether you're constructing a residential composite deck, lumber deck or a deck made from other decking material, you're typically required to install a graspable secondary handrail on one side of the deck's stair railing when there are four or more stair risers present.

Key Residential Stair Handrail Requirements (IRC - International Residential Code):

  1. Stairways having four or more risers, or rising more than 30 inches in height, whichever is less, must have at least one grab rail. 
  2. Handrails with a circular cross section shall have an outside diameter of at least 1-1/4 inches and not greater than 2 inches. If the handrail is not circular it shall have a perimeter dimension of at least 4 inches and not greater than 6-1/4 inches with a maximum cross section of dimension of 2-1/4 inches. 
  3. The grab rail must terminate at the newel post (top and bottom posts). 
  4. Clear space between a handrail and a wall or other surface shall be a minimum of 1-1/2 inches. 
  5. The height of handrails must be installed 34 inches - 38 inches from the upper surface of the handrail to the surface of the tread. Graspable secondary handrails are required by more and more building codes / deck codes in areas across the country.

This attractive and highly versatile, ADA-Compliant Handrail is ideal for meeting building codes when required. Made of heavy gauge aluminum, the system includes five different radius elbows and several styles of returns to meet every possible installation. The railing is available in Textured Black, Textured White and Weathered Brown to complement a home's exterior.

As always, check your local building code or ask your building inspector to make sure a secondary handrail is installed when required by law.

Check out the American Wood Council's "Design for Code Acceptance" document for complete details. Stair handrail requirements are outlined on page 18.

How do varying weather conditions affect Deckorators railing during installation?

Deckorators performs well in varying weather conditions. During installation, it will contract only slightly in cold weather. It expands in hot weather. We recommend that the material is on the job site 48 hours prior to installation to acclimate. Reference the Railing tab on the Installation Instructions page for spacing guidelines to ensure proper room for expansion and contraction.

What glue works well with Deckorators railing?

Glue is a supplemental adhesive and should never replace a fastener, especially in structural applications. Heavy-duty construction adhesive can be used, but we recommend testing on a small portion of your deck before using the adhesive throughout your whole application.

Can Deckorators railing be used for structural applications?

No. While Deckorators railing does provide superior surface integrity and strength, it is not suitable for structural applications.

Will chlorine or other swimming pool chemicals damage Deckorators railing?

While no formal testing has been done, we have not seen or heard of any ill effects from standard pool chemicals.

How do I order Deckorators Contemporary Cable Rail?

This guide explains the basic components that are used in the Deckorators® Contemporary Cable Rail.



What is the run time on the solar light?

The run time will vary based on the season. During the summer months, the Aurora solar post cap light will run for up to 14 hours. During the winter months, the shorter daylight hours, as well as cloudy days, will reduce the run time to approximately 3-6 hours. 

How long will the Solar lights last?

The LED bulbs are designed to last a lifetime, as is the aurora solar collector. These are of the highest quality and latest technology available today. The batteries are 1.5V NiCad batteries. These will last approximately 1000 cycles, or roughly three years. Batteries are warranted for one year. Replacements can be purchased locally. 

My solar light will not light up?

The most common issue is the battery. It takes up to three weeks for a new solar unit to cycle to full capacity. Winter months will effect this cycle time as well, if installed in the middle of winter. To test a solar unit, remove the NiCad batteries, and install AA alkaline batteries. Cover the entire solar collector to test the unit. If the unit lights up, replace the NiCad batteries.

Low Voltage:

How many lights can I install on a transformer?

Up to 50 lights. See transformer section. For further detail, read the transformer instruction sheet included with the low voltage transformer

Can a dimmer switch be used?

Dimmer switches are not effective on low voltage deck lighting

Some lights appear dimmer than others, what do I do?
This is a result of wiring issues. Primary due to longer distances from the transformer (200 or more feet). There are several different wiring schemes to address and/or correct this. Please refer to the transformer instruction manual to correct. 

I have low voltage landscape lighting; can I add Deck lights to this? 
Generally, the answer is no. It is best to start from scratch, for two reasons: First, the transformer likely has less wattage output than is necessary for the Aurora Deck lights. In addition, landscape lighting usually uses 18-gauge wire, which is too light for the Aurora Deck Light product. Using this will cause a drop in wattage, making the lights appear dimmer. 

How do I know which size transformer to buy?

You will need to buy a low voltage deck lighting transformer that accommodates the wattage of your entire low voltage system. To determine the total wattage, add up the wattage of each fixture to be used. For example, if you are using 10 lights that are rated at 1 watt each, the total wattage of your system would be 10 watts.


What are Bison Deck Supports and where do I use them?

Bison Deck Pedestals create adjustable deck support systems for rooftop decks, terraces, over cracked concrete and even in water features. These supports allow you to create unique deck designs with a variety of materials: wood tiles, natural stone, concrete pavers or wood planking over traditional wood stringers.

What are pedestals made of?

High Density polypropylene plastic. There is no water penetration, so they are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and mold. The patented adjustable design allows precise deck leveling, even when pedestals are loaded.

Where can I use Bison Deck Supports?

Bison Deck Supports can create a beautiful deck in no time over compacted soil or cracked concrete or can sit directly over smooth or granular roof membranes without attachment. 

How many deck support will I need?

Roughly one deck support for every 3-4 square feet of deck. Most concrete or wood tile decks will require about 1 pedestal per tile. For help with estimating, contact our technical services department.

How do I correct for slope surfaces?

One Bison bottom leveler (Bison LD4) corrects for 1/4″ per foot slope. Two stacked together adjust from 0-1/2″ per foot slope. You can use up to four under one pedestal to compensate for a maximum of 1″ in height.

Choosing the right deck balusters:

What kind of balusters/ spindles do I need for my railing?

This usually depends on what kind of style you are looking to achieve and if this is a new installation or a rehab. 

With a NEW railing you can use either the face mount baluster or the in-line round or square baluster. On a face lift / rehab. The face mount usually works better because you can remove the old spindles (if face mounted) and screw the new aluminum balusters on the same upper and lower rail sections.

The in-line spindles are usually mounted using square or round baluster connectors that are mounted between the upper and lower railing and sandwiched together.

dpr26albalrnd100-main-10.jpg Inline square or round deck balusters

 dkarchitectural.jpg Face mount architectural or flat face deck balusters


What is NextStone made of?

NextStone™ is made of a composite Polyurethane, reinforced with recycled PVC for durability. It is mixed with UV inhibitors and fire retardants. All panels and accessories are created with a proprietary in-mold coating to prevent fading, then hand painted with an exterior durable paint.

Can the Panels and Accessories be cut?

Absolutely! Panels and accessories are very easily cut with any standard saw you would use on wood.

Can NextStone be installed around a fireplace opening?

Yes! If you have a gas or electrical fireplace, the product can be installed up to the opening.

NextStone products are designated as nonflammable.

If you have a wood burning, open hearth fireplace, the product must be installed with a set-back maintained ast least the distance recommended for wood products. All manufacturers differentiate this in the use of products in their installation guidelines. Check with the manufacturer of your fireplace. For a free standing wood burning stove, it is recommended to have NextStone installed at least 24" inches away.
Most Certainly!
Installing NextStone requires the panels and accessories to be screwed on any flush substrate. This application is no different than attaching the panels onto cement or cinder.

Strong cement screws are needed is the only difference.

Standard or Stainless Steal Tap-con screws are the most popular used.

The use of Plywood or OSB board onto the cement then NextStone onto the board, is also a popular way of securing the panels.

Watch how to install onto concrete in the Video section of this website!

Expansion & Contraction?

Although Polyurethane has minimal expansion and contraction, it is recommended to acclimate the NextStone™ panels to even further minimalize any movement once they are installed. To acclimate the panels, simply open the box and let them "breath". No need to remove panels from the box and make sure this is done in a covered area such as a garage. Acclimate for 24-48 hours. During installation, make sure to install panels and components tightly together. See NextStone™ classroom videos for installation tips.

Can an adhesive be used on the NextStone?

Any Polyurethane adhesive, such as PL Premium Construction Adhesive by Loctite, can be used with the NextStone product.

Over time, adhesive may wear or deteriorate, therefore installing with screws is the best recommended.

Are the NextStone Post Cover Caps and Column Wrap Caps different?

They sure are!

The Slatestone Post Covers are specifically for covering 4x4 or 6x6 deck posts, fence posts, porch posts etc. They are 8" x 8" x 41" and have specific caps to go with them. The caps are called Post Cover Caps and are 10.5" x 10.5" x 3.5". The Post Cover Caps come in Sandstone colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Gray, Graphite, Onyx, Red.

The Slatestone Column Wraps can be used in any column application such as a base of a post or large structural columns. They are 16" x 16" x 30" and have specific Sandstone caps to go with them. The caps are called Sandstone 18" Caps and are 18" x 18" x 3.5". The caps come in Sandstone colors: Brown, Buff, Charcoal, Gray, Graphite, Onyx, Red.

Can NextStone be installed in showers?

Yes! A vapor barrier will be needed to protect to the wall from possible moisture. The panels have recessed air chambers and weep channels on the backs of them so if any water does get behind them, it will drain out.
Soap scum can be cleaned with mild dish soap and soft brush.
Some chose to put a clear coat on the panels and that is ok as long as it is compatible with Polyurethane and latex paint.

How does NextStone standup to Woodpeckers?

Woodpecker problems are not common with the NextStone product although there have been a few instances in areas where woodpeckers are prevalent.
Although durable, constant pecking in a particular area with a sharp beak, or any sharp instrument for that matter, can cause damage to the finish and eventually go through the entire thickness of the panel. Although NextStone is extremely durable to the elements, nothing short of real stone can stand in the way of a motivated woodpecker.

If you live in an area where Woodpeckers are problematic, please contact our office for helpful installation hints to assist in deterring the birds from wanting to peck.

You can also visit these sites that provide additional information and ideas to help keep them away:
  • www.birds-away.com
  • www.attackspider.com
  • www.absolutebirdcontrol.com
  • www.birdbgone.com
  • www.pestkill.org

Can a clear coat sealant be used on the NextStone panels?

Yes! Sometimes applying a clear coat to help protect the panels from grease splatter behind a kitchen stove is recommended. NextStone recommends a Polyurethane Clear Coat. Using a Polyurethane Clear Coat will not void the NextStone Product Warranty but NextStone is not responsible for any chalking or discoloration caused by the Polyurethane Clear Coat.

Can mice chew through NextStone?

Unfortunately, yes.
Mice can chew through wood, plastic, vinyl, aluminum and even concrete if it's not cured properly. Steel wool is about the only thing those cute little pesky rodents can't chew through.

Can NextStone be installed on a metal building?

Yes! When installing on metal buildings, a backer board can be used as a sold substrate to allow all screws to attach properly.

The backer board or OSB should be at minimum ½" thick. This board needs to be attached securely to the building using a construction adhesive and screws. It may be necessary to bolt the screws down to avoid the panels and/or backer board pulling away from the corrugated siding.

Use appropriate weather proof substrate or sheathing as per local codes.

Then proceed as per normal installation instructions.

What is the R-Value of Nextstone?

NextStone™ has an R-Value of 4.5 per inch of thickness when used for exterior applications. This additional insulation will help reduce energy costs by naturally decreasing heating and cooling functions.

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