Can stone post covers be stacked?

Yes, the stone post covers are made to be stacked.

We offer both Deckorators and NextStone Post covers that are stackable. These post covers are also available in 2-piece units for posts that are holding up a roof.

What are the actual dimensions of standard nominal 4x4 and 6x6 wood posts?

The precise outside dimensions of a standard 4x4 measures 3 ½″ x 3 ½″,and the 6x6 measures 5 ½″ x 5 ½″.

We offer Vinyl sleeves in the following outside dimensions to fit over nominal lumber dimensions ~ 4x4 ~ 5x5 ~ 6x6 ~ 8x8

How do I attach a post cap to the post?

We recommend using an exterior-grade construction adhesive to adhere the cap to the post. Apply the adhesive liberally to the inside of the cap and place the cap firmly over the top of the post. If you prefer to use Brad nails, be sure to pre-drill all nail holes to avoid splitting. Most of our solar and low voltage post caps have pre-drilled holes and included screws to mount the post caps to the post.

Do round or square balusters / spindles come with connectors?

No. Baluster connectors are sold separately in 20 packs or bulk buckets.

Do Face mount balusters / spindles come with mounting hardware?

Yes. The face mount spindles or balusters come with stainless steel screws.

Does the Deckorators ALX Contemporary and Classic Aluminum Railing come with mounting connectors?

YES. The level & stair rails come with 4 connector (2-top & 2-bottom)

Does the ALX Pro Railing come with a top rail?

No. The top cap rail for the Deckorators ALX Pro is sold separately.


Can I use regular batteries in my solar lights?

No. The solar post cap light is designed to be used with rechargeable batteries. If regular batteries are used in the sun, they will destroy the solar collector.


Vinyl Railing & Sleeves

How long will it take to receive vinyl post sleeves and wraps over 96"?

Because these are over 96" they ship via LTL, normal shipping time is between 6-8 business days.

What is RDI Vinyl Railing made from?

We offer multiple vinyl railing options ~ Endurance ~ Finyl Line ~ Titan ~ Select Series.

Vinyl’s base ingredient is rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) modified to provide superior strength and ultraviolet resistance.

Can I paint vinyl railing?

Your choice of RDI vinyl railing would normally preclude the desire to paint or “maintain” it any way. However, if you do choose to paint, there are vinyl primers available to achieve this.

Does Endurance Railing offer rail for handicap access ramps?

Endurance level rail kits are designed to install up to a 5° slope, which is the maximum pitch allowed by code. As recommended earlier, always check with your local code enforcement office for the codes in your area.

How strong is vinyl?

Our vinyl is impact modified for flexibility and durability. All RDI railing decking products meet or exceed the requirements for long-lasting durability and performance after installation.

Is vinyl safe?

Yes. Vinyl has a tough finish, retains virtually no moisture, has no taste, and is non-porous. Final RDI vinyl railing installations will hide all fasteners, leaving nothing but smooth surfaces and no sharp edges.

Will RDI vinyl railing turn yellow?

No. RDI vinyl contains 12 parts titanium dioxide which prevents ultraviolet degradation.

Are RDI vinyl railing kits reinforced in any way?

All our vinyl railing kits are reinforced top and bottom with aluminum extrusions that are specifically engineered for the best performance possible.

Can one railing kit be split evenly in half?

Kits can be cut down to any dimension and, with an additional bracket kit, can become two complete railing sections. Cutting a kit evenly in half usually will not work with symmetrical end spacing.

RDI / Metal Works / Excalibur/Avalon

What gauge steel is the RDI Metal Works Excalibur system?

The Excalibur Steel rails are 14 gauge, posts are 13 gauge, and balusters are 16 gauge steel.

What is the baluster size and spacing for a level rail panel?

RDI Metal Works Excalibur has ⅝” (.625) inch square metal balusters with 3 ⅞” (3.850) inch spacing, measured between the inside faces of two adjacent balusters.

Is the baluster spacing the same for the stair rail panel?

Yes, but only when the stair section is level (0 degrees).

What is included in a level bracket kit?

  • 4 brackets

  • 4 bracket covers

  • Installation hardware

What is included in a stair / level angle bracket kit?

  • 4 brackets

  • Installation hardware

How do I mount an RDI Metal Works steel post?

You must use proper fasteners during installation and check local building codes for requirements. Each excalibur post includes two shims which should be used for leveling the post during installation. RDI Metal Works posts include a 4”x4” bottom steel flange which is ¼” inches thick. The flange is manufactured to accept ⅜” (.375) diameter fasteners.



What is the run time on the solar light?
The run time will vary based on the season. During the summer months, the Aurora solar post cap light will run for up to 14 hours. During the winter months, the shorter daylight hours, as well as cloudy days, will reduce the run time to approximately 3-6 hours. 

How long will the Solar lights last?
The LED bulbs are designed to last a lifetime, as is the aurora solar collector. These are of the highest quality and latest technology available today. The batteries are 1.5V NiCad batteries. These will last approximately 1000 cycles, or roughly three years. Batteries are warranted for one year. Replacements can be purchased locally. 

My solar light will not light up?
The most common issue is the battery. It takes up to three weeks for a new solar unit to cycle to full capacity. Winter months will effect this cycle time as well, if installed in the middle of winter. To test a solar unit, remove the NiCad batteries, and install AA alkaline batteries. Cover the entire solar collector to test the unit. If the unit lights up, replace the NiCad batteries.

Low Voltage:

How many lights can I install on a transformer?
Up to 50 lights. See transformer section. For further detail, read the transformer instruction sheet included with the low voltage transformer

Can a dimmer switch be used? 
Dimmer switches are not effective on low voltage deck lighting

Some lights appear dimmer than others, what do I do?
This is a result of wiring issues. Primary due to longer distances from the transformer (200 or more feet). There are several different wiring schemes to address and/or correct this. Please refer to the transformer instruction manual to correct. 

I have low voltage landscape lighting; can I add Deck lights to this? 
Generally, the answer is no. It is best to start from scratch, for two reasons: First, the transformer likely has less wattage output than is necessary for the Aurora Deck lights. In addition, landscape lighting usually uses 18-gauge wire, which is too light for the Aurora Deck Light product. Using this will cause a drop in wattage, making the lights appear dimmer. 

How do I know which size transformer to buy?

You will need to buy a low voltage deck lighting transformer that accommodates the wattage of your entire low voltage system. To determine the total wattage, add up the wattage of each fixture to be used. For example, if you are using 10 lights that are rated at 1 watt each, the total wattage of your system would be 10 watts.


What are Bison Deck Supports and where do I use them?

Bison Deck Pedestals create adjustable deck support systems for rooftop decks, terraces, over cracked concrete and even in water features. These supports allow you to create unique deck designs with a variety of materials: wood tiles, natural stone, concrete pavers or wood planking over traditional wood stringers.

What are pedestals made of?

High Density polypropylene plastic. There is no water penetration, so they are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and mold. The patented adjustable design allows precise deck leveling, even when pedestals are loaded.

Where can I use Bison Deck Supports?

Bison Deck Supports can create a beautiful deck in no time over compacted soil or cracked concrete or can sit directly over smooth or granular roof membranes without attachment. 

How many deck support will I need?

Roughly one deck support for every 3-4 square feet of deck. Most concrete or wood tile decks will require about 1 pedestal per tile. For help with estimating, contact our technical services department.

How do I correct for slope surfaces?

One Bison bottom leveler (Bison LD4) corrects for 1/4″ per foot slope. Two stacked together adjust from 0-1/2″ per foot slope. You can use up to four under one pedestal to compensate for a maximum of 1″ in height.

Choosing the right deck balusters:

What kind of balusters / spindles do I need for my railing?

This usually depends on what kind of style you are looking to achieve and if this is a new installation or a rehab. 

With a NEW railing you can use either the face mount baluster or the in-line round or square baluster. On a face lift / rehab. The face mount usually works better because you can remove the old spindles (if face mounted) and screw the new aluminum balusters on the same upper and lower rail sections.

The in-line spindles are usually mounted using square or round baluster connectors that are mounted between the upper and lower railing and sandwiched together.

dpr26albalrnd100-main-10.jpg Inline square or round deck balusters

 dkarchitectural.jpg Face mount architectural or flat face deck balusters


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