Excalibur Galvanized Railing by RDI


Steel railing is a popular option for its strength and ease of installation. Steel doesn’t contract or expand the woods or composites sometimes can since they don’t absorb water. Such expansion and contraction can cause fasteners and hardware to loosen and rails themselves to warp. Steel railing provides durability for years regardless of weather and elements.

Steel railing systems are also quite simple to install. Most provide pre-welded panels that easily attach to existing decks for a quick and easy process. Additionally, steel has many color options and aesthetic choices for a variety of completed looks.

EXCALIBUR Steel Deck Railing

Excalibur is a very popular choice  in the offering of wrought iron railings from the RDI Metal Works family. Combining the elements of their Endurance-like hidden attachments with their Titan-like ease of installation, Excalibur is an economical and excellent steel railing option. With its sleek satin finish, Excalibur is RDI’s first fully metal railing system. The pre-welded iron railing components provide strength while the triple-coat finishing process ensures durability. Add in the pre-mounted brackets allow for quick and easy installation, and you have a true all in one steel railing system! The satin, low-gloss finish helps to hide marring, fingerprints, smudges and other dirt that can otherwise make a gorgeous installation look like it is in desperate need of a spit-shine. Additionally, a wood-top option can help bring a custom elegant look to your rails. Mix it up even further by combining white, earth, or sand post and accessory options from the Endurance and Titan systems, while the Serpentine, Mosaic and Latitudes designs provide a unique finishing touch.


  • Bracketed posts make level installation simple and provide code-compliant bottom spacing
  • Unique all-in-one pivoting brackets allow for easy stair or level angle installations
  • Triple powder-coated finishes provide maximum durability
  • Fully assembled, factory-welded rail panels make installation as easy as measure, cut and install.


RDI Excalibur Steel Railing product line now includes Latitudes horizontal railing. Excalibur offers two decorative designs, the Serpentine and Mosaic available in level panel designs. These two new styles are designed to allow customers to create a custom look without it needing to be a custom job. RDI’s MetalWorks Excalibur steel panels are factory welded and pre-assembled, providing both strength and security in steel railing. They’re now available in two textured finishes that can be paired with composite or vinyl products.

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