EZ Shear Cutters by Bullet

Deck Expressions is the official online retailer for Bullet Tools, a global manufacturer of fixed-blade cutting tools for flooring, siding, and insulation. Bullet Tool’s extensive and innovative line of EZ shear tools, flooring cutters, replacement blades, angle guides and more is world recognized for quality and proven to enhance efficiency, accuracy and safety on floor, siding and insulation projects.

Our most popular cutters by Bullet Tools is the 13" EZ Shear Siding Cutter, known throughout the industry for its noise-free, no-electricity, and dust-free qualities. This high-quality EZ Shear cutter offers a number of features that ultimately save time, money and increase efficiency and precision for cutting cement siding, OSB, Vinyl, wood and much more.

The heavy-duty cutter also comes in a 26" SST model for products up to 26 in. and a 20" model for larger projects, which cuts up to 20" wide. The 20" EZ Shear siding Cutter’s extra sharp blade cuts easily and quickly through thicker and denser materials, like vinyl siding. For even more convenience and efficiency, the EZ Shear Cutter Stand offers strong, sturdy positioning for the 13" & 20" models.

Check out the rest of Deck Expressions’ catalogue of replacement blades, angle guides, Hone Stones, Insulation Knives and more from Bullet Tools’ line of superior quality cutting products.

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