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Flashing Guard by York


  • Two materials to choose from:

    • Copper

      • Four widths to choose from: 6”, 8”, 10” or 12”

      • Length: 20’

    • Stainless steel

      • Width: 16”

      • Length: 20’

  • Thickness: 0.012

More details:

  • Fire resistant

    • ASTM E84 Class A material

  • UV resistant

  • Mold resistant

    • passes ASTM D3273

  • Will not rust or corrode

  • Maintenance free *no primer required

  • Flexible, easy to cut and form by hand

  • Non-asphalt, 100% waterproof adhesive will not stain

  • Resistant to temperatures up to 275°F without separation

  • Compatible with all pressure treated lumber (ACQ, CCA, MCQ, CA, SBJ/DOT)



About this product…

Looking for protective yet durable flashing for your home or construction site? This Flashing Guard by York combines the protective qualities of copper or stainless steel with a non-asphalt adhesive backing that protects the material it is adhered to. Tear resistant and stable across extreme temperatures, this product is considered the best self-adhering through-wall flashing. 

This product has many uses, it acts as an air and water barrier, a protection for exposed wood, as insulation, a construction sealant, as repair tape and more. Along with the versatility of this product is its compatibility with a variety of materials. This flashing bonds to a variety of substrates like OSB, exterior gypsum, plywood, concrete, metals, and air barrier materials. As opposed to aluminum flashing, which is not compatible with pressure treated woods with high copper content, the Flashing Guard by York has greater durability and is compatible with a greater variety of materials. 

With the EPA mandating arsenic-free pressure treated lumber, the lumber industry developed safer and non-toxic alternative treatments like ACQ. Unlike typical paper backings that wear away when they're wet, this Flashing Guard by York has a polymer backing that isolates galvanized joist hangers and fasteners from the decking—and the corrosive effects of ACQ and other treatments—so pressure treated decks look better and last longer. 

This product is offered in two different materials; copper and stainless steel. The copper model has four different widths; 6”, 8”, 10”, or 12”, with a consistent length of 20’, while the stainless steel model has one size selection; 16” x 20’. 

This product is ideal for everything from renovation to a new reconstruction build, and is designed for ease of use for all levels of construction experience.

*20 year Warranty

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