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Flashing Guard by York

Key Properties

  • Compatible with all pressure treated lumber (ACQ, CCA, MCQ, CA, SBJ/DOT)
  • EverlamTM technology isolates galvanized parts & protects from corrosion
  • Two layers of self-sealing protection
  • Non-asphaltic (no staining), compatible with

  • concrete, vinyl, & wood
  • Lightweight, flexible & easy to work with
  • UV protection for life
  • Use for deck ledger boards, sill pans & window flashing


With pressure treated lumber mandated by the EPA to be arsenic-free, the lumber industry had to develop safer, non-toxic alternative treatments like ACQ. But
this important change has called attention to the fact that the aluminum flashing typically sold with pressure treated wood simply is not compatible with the high copper content of the treated woods designed for ground contact, which are mandatory as of 1/1/18.

The solution is YorkShield 106PTTM copper flashing, which offers superior performance, more flexibility, lighter weight, better looks, longer life, & competitive prices. In other words, it’s got aluminum flashing products beat in every possible way.Metal flashing that offers best in class puncture and tear resistance. It can be applied from 20°F to 170°F and stays stable and air tight from -70°F to 250°F. Now considered the best self-adhering through-wall flashing. The flexible sheet of 2 mil type 304 is compatible with all neighboring materials and the 10 mils of butyl provides superior adhesion outperforming traditional peel and stick.


  • Butyl adhesive/watertight bond
  • Bare stainless steel surface for sealants to adhere to
  • No primer required
  • Flexible, easy to cut and form by hand
  • UV resistant
  • 20-year warranty
  • Fire resistant: ASTM E84 Class A material
  • Mold resistant: passes ASTM D3273
  • Passes AAMA 711-20
  • Passes air barrier material test: ASTM E2178-13
  • Excellent bond to a variety of substrates like OSB, exterior gypsum, plywood, concrete, metals, and air barrier materials


  • Through-wall flashing
  • Transition membrane (air barriers, roofing, waterproofing)
  • Window & door sill pan flashing
  • Jamb closer flashing
  • Repair tape for flashing, air barriers, etc.
  • Roof to parapet flashing
  • Lap tape for through-wall flashing
  • Deck ledger flashing


  • Air barriers
  • Spray polyurethane foam
  • Insulation boards
  • Below grade waterproofing
  • Roofing membranes
  • Construction sealants


  • 6" x 20' 
  • 8" x 20' 
  • 10" x 20' 
  • 12" x 20' 
  • 16" x 20' SS Flashing


York 304 self adhering stainless steel has been desired as a lap/splice flashing for york metal flashing products and as a detail flashing for air barriers and windows. It is used to prevent air transmission through masonry curtain walls, construction joints and fittings.


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