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Stowaway Hidden Deck Board Fasteners by Deckorators

The Stowaway Hidden Fastener discreetly secures deck boards to joists with a single stainless steel, color-matched screw. The Stowaway screw comes preloaded, making the installation process faster, saving time and money. This system results in a beautiful, smooth and virtually fastener-free deck surface. Deck boards are automatically spaced at proper intervals, and the need for pre ~ drilling and countersinking are eliminated.


  • 90 pc box covers 50sq. ft.
  • 525 pc box covers 300sq. ft.
  • Includes 1- sq. drive bit.
  • Made for Deckorators Deck Grooved Deck Boards
  • Slotted-edge decking gives an undisturbed, fastener-free appearance to the surface of your Deckorators board.
  • Screws are included/attached to each fastener

Deck Size

Joist Spacing - 12 in. on-center

Joist Spacing - 16 in. on-center

100 sq. ft.

210 Fasteners

175 Fasteners

200 sq. ft.

441 Fasteners

336 Fasteners

300 sq. ft.

672 Fasteners

512 Fasteners

400 sq. ft.

882 Fasteners

672 Fasteners

500 sq. ft.

1,113 Fasteners

848 Fasteners

Click HERE for Stowaway Installation:

About this product...

Stowaway Hidden Deck Board Fasteners by Deckorators are a type of deck fastener that is designed to be hidden from view. They are made of a durable plastic material that is resistant to moisture and corrosion, and they come in a variety of colors to match your deck's finish. Stowaway Hidden Deck Board Fasteners are easy to install, and they provide a secure hold for your deck boards. They are also a great choice for decks that are subject to heavy foot traffic, as they are less likely to loosen or come out over time. Stowaway Hidden Deck Board Fasteners are a great way to improve the appearance of your deck while also providing a secure and durable installation.


Deckorators products are backed by an industry-leading warranty. Our new 25-year stain and fade, structural and removal and replacement warranty is the first of its kind. We have you covered.

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