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Pro Fastening Systems Plugs Only

The Deckorators Pro Fastening Systems Plugs are designed to complement your deck's beauty while being less distracting from the deck's surface. They play a crucial role in hiding the visible screws or nails used to fasten the deck boards by covering the holes. These plugs come in various colors that closely match the deck's appearance, and they are made of the same durable materials as your deck boards. The Deckorators Pro Fastening Systems Plugs are easy to install and offer a cost-effective solution for concealing unsightly fasteners on your deck. Pro Plug System - Superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system for composite decking. Proprietary tool makes the system easy to use. Screws sold separately. Fasten your decking with ease. Pro Fastening Systems provide a seamless installation of composite deck or fascia boards while camouflaging deck screw heads. Choose from a full assortment of color-matched deck screws for a perfect color match to your deck or fascia boards.


  • Plugs Only
  • All Deckorators decking colors
  • Includes 375 Plugs
  • Covers 100 sq. ft.

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