Deck to Wall Spacers


Deck To Wall Spacers

If you want your deck to last a lifetime, proper spacing of the deck and house connections are vital to the construction of your deck. Insufficient airspace between the deck ledger and your home’s exterior will result in rotting, an expensive and serious problem you should avoid.

Standard washers are difficult and tedious to install, requiring multiple washers and a professional architect to achieve the perfect distance between the deck and the wall at each connecting point.

Deck Expressions offers deck to wall spacer options by Deck2Wall, a superior alternative to using standard washers for spacing between deck ledgers and walls. Along with the proper fasteners and professional support, installation is fast and simple when you are using a Deck2Wall deck ledger spacer for your project.

The wide diameter of the deck ledger spacer allows for the right amount of airspace to pass through, and contrary to washers, positioning can be applied using a machine bolts or lag screws. Water, debris and other harmful substances safely pass through the 2.5" diameter, ⅝" thick spacer, protecting your deck from moisture and rot.

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