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An ICC-ES Report is a document that presents the findings, conclusions, and recommendations from a particular evaluation. ICC-ES Reports verify that new and innovative building products comply with code requirements. ICC-ES Reports provide information about what code requirements or acceptance criteria were used to evaluate a product, and how the product should be identified, installed and much more.

When discussing evaluation reports, many fail to differentiate between the entities that write the model building codes or I-codes (ICC) from the companies that write the evaluation reports themselves. The International Code Council (ICC) is the most well-recognized name in the development of model building codes, but the International Code Council (ICC) does not actually write evaluation reports. A subsidiary of the ICC, called ICC-ES, writes evaluation reports (ES Reports) but there are many credible independent, third party, certifying organizations that also offer code evaluation reports to building product manufacturers.


Titan Pro Railing
Endurance Railing
ADA Hand Rail
Porch Post Wind Uplift
Structural Porch Post

Deckorators Products

ALX Pro Railing - Canadian Sealed Drawings [pdf - 287 KB] 36" – 42"
Compatible Deck Fastener Information Sheet - [pdf - 228 KB]
Copper Azole Fastener Information - [pdf - 69 KB]
Copper Azole Safe Handling Information - [pdf - 23 KB]
Deckorators Decking CCMC 14092-R Evaluation Report - [416 KB]
Deckorators Decking CCMC 13378-R Evaluation Report - [434 KB]
Deckorators Voyage, Vault & Frontier Decking Material Properties (MBC) - [pdf - 80 KB]
Deckorators Vista & Trailhead Decking Material Properties (WPC) - [pdf - 78 KB]
Deckorators Vista Fire Rated Decking Properties (WPC) - [pdf - 78 KB]
Glass Baluster Code Report - [pdf - 143 KB]

Solutions Products

Feeney Cable Rail 


No Top Rail – Invisiposts & Wood Posts
No Top Rail – Spigots
No Top Rail – Square Posts with Lite 10
No Top Rail – Square Posts with SS Clamps
No Top Rail – Standoffs
SS Top Rail – Fascia Invisiposts (USA)
SS Top Rail – Invisiposts, ALX Posts (USA)
Wood Board Top Rail – Invisiposts (USA)
SS Top Rail – Wind Tunnel Testing
Deck Board Top Rail – Invisiposts (USA)
Salt Spray Testing


Spec Data Sheet
Material Safety Date Sheet
SGS Flame Test Results
SGS Color Test Results
Radco Wind Shear Test


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