Starborn Pro Plug Concealed Fasteners


Starborn Pro Plug Concealed Fasteners for Decking

All the steps in plugging deck boards are put together in a single system that delivers a perfect result, plug after plug. Starborn Industries, Inc.'s Pro Plug components were all specially designed and engineered to work together perfectly. The beauty of this deck fastener system is that it makes plugging so fast and easy, now taking half the time as before. Using a specific hardwood? Call us! We will accommodate you. So, if you've always valued the strength of face-mount fastening and the high-finish look of plugs but couldn't invest in the extra time and labor, put the Smart-Bit Pro Plug System to work for you today.

At Deck Expressions, we offer the Pro Plug in a kit, the tool only, as well as extra bits. The technique of using wood plugs to hide screw heads has been around for hundreds of years. There are two basic reasons for its continuing popularity. The first of which is practical — they cover and protect the heads of screws. The second reason is that they create a high finish aesthetic, which highlights the attention to detail. Try the Pro Plug system today!

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