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LOK LINE Structural Screws and Fasteners

Contractors and homeowners are quickly moving from lag bolts to structural screws and fasteners for wood-to-wood connections for a variety of reasons. The LOK Line by FastenMaster consists of a variety of high-quality, rigorously-tested and code-approved wood screws and heavy-duty fasteners designed to improve structural integrity and vastly improve work and cost efficiency.

LOK Line’s wood screws are thinner and feature a sharper point than lag bolts, resulting in increased precision and no pre-drilling. Depending on your specific project, there are a wide variety of LOK screw sizes that are intended for highly specific purposes and functions. The TimberLOK Heavy Duty Wood Screw, for instance, is available in four sizes and is designed for use in attaching rafters or trusses to a double top plate. HeadLOK, a heavy-duty, flathead wood screw is the best choice for replacing ⅜" lag bolts and is ideal for decks, fences, SIPs, kitchen cabinets, and more.

Save time by skipping the pre-drilling and wood splitting with lag screws and work faster, easier, and stronger with the FastenMaster LOK Line of structural wood screws and fasteners from Deck Expressions.

LedgerLok Ledger Board Fastener

Lag and Through-Bolt Replacement. LedgerLOK replaces lag screws and through-bolts, has been coated with a proprietary three-step coating process that protects against corrosion (even in pressure treated wood) and is ACQ approved.


  • The built-in washer head eliminates the need for an additional washer, saving time and money.
  • The large hex-head allows for greater bit engagement, reducing cam-out.

HeadLok by Fasten Master

The HeadLOK flat head fastener is a heavy-duty structural wood screw requires no pre-drilling and offers higher design shear than 3/8" lag screws. HeadLOK zips right in and creates a great finished look.


  • 3/8” lag screw replacement
  • No pre-drilling
  • Flat head provides great finished look
  • The SpiderDrive™ System contains eight points of contact, maximizing bit fit and reducing stripping.
  • Sharp gimlet point for fast installation into wood and OSB
  • Aggressive thread for holding and withdrawal strength
  • Free SpiderDrive™ bit in every package

Thru Lok screw bolt fastening system

The ThruLOK system combines the strength of a through-bolted connection with the speed of a LOK fastener with no pre-drilling required. It can be used for applications including:


  • Installs with an 18 volt cordless drill
  • No drill bits or wrenches required
  • Galvanized coating meets IRC ACQ corrosion requirement
  • Lifetime performance guarantee

FlatLok Structural Wood Screw by FastenMaster

FlatLOK is a multi-purpose structural wood screw for fastening multi-ply LVL, girder trusses and multi-ply lumber beams.


  • FlatLOK wood screw features a TORX® ttap® drive system that:
  • Maximizes bit fit, reducing the potential for stripping.
  • Includes a stability button for maximum penetration into the fastener and a wobble-free drive.
  • A free TORX ttap bit (T-40) is included in every box.

TimberLok Heavy Duty Wood Screw by Fastenmaster

TimberLOK is a heavy duty wood screw for applications such as attaching rafter or trusses to the top plate, landscape timbers, fences, decks, headers, stair stringers and more.


  • Unique tapered head countersinks easily into wood for flush appearance
  • Variety of lengths, from 2 1/2" to 10", to match every application
  • Free bit in every package
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