Low Voltage Post Caps


Low Voltage Post Caps for Decks

Deck post caps are one of the details that sometimes gets overlooked when planning your beck-build or renovation. Yet this seemingly minor aspect can be what separates the average deck from the truly extraordinary structures! While there are a plethora of options to choose from, low voltage post cap lights can create an aesthetic appeal that truly enhances your outdoor living space day and night. Not only will the soft, subtle, glow add the perfect ambiance to your backyard setting once the sun goes down, but it will also will provide a safer, well-lit deck for your family and friends to enjoy no matter the time of day!

Aurora LED Post Caps:

The leader in LED post caps. Aurora offers many sizes and colors to dress up your deck or fence post. You will most likely find the color you need to match your railing or house trim. Our most popular styles are the Triton, Neptune and the Titan LED Post cap.

Dekor Low Voltage Post Caps

DEKOR offers both a flat-top and pyramid post cap with lights that are excellent choices for your deck and fence light needs! Dekor LED post cap lights help provide more day and night enjoyment out of your deck or patio while also saving energy and adding value, safety and security to your home. Dekor post-caps are made from the finest materials available, providing homeowners quality, craftsmanship, and value that perfectly compliments any outdoor living area.

Plenty of Low Voltage Post Cap Options to Choose From

You’ve designed your home, landscaping, and deck to match your style and personal touch, so you’ll surely love the opportunity to express your taste even further with the perfect lighting and post cap details. Whether your style of choice is contemporary, traditional, classic or somewhere in between, the Orion low voltage post cap by Aurora may be the perfect finishing touch for you. Perhaps your style is a bit more sleek and understated. If so, maybe a subtle, band-light option such as the Iris Low Voltage Post cap will be the subtle but important detail that completes your deck!  Whatever your personal taste may be, our vast collection of low voltage post cap lights at Deck Expressions is sure to provide you with just the desired result you have envisioned!.

Have a Question? Contact Us Today!

While the low voltage post cap lights in our collection may seem elaborate and intimidating to install, never fear! The installation is actually quite simple, even for beginners and non-professionals. If you have any questions about our products or their installation, feel free to contact us today at Deck Expressions!



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