Flat Post Caps with LED Lights by Dekor

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Flat Post Caps with 4  LED Lights by Dekor

Our Flat Top Post Caps are made of powder coated aircraft grade aluminum. These resilient post caps are waterproof, weatherproof, salt air and hail damage resistant. Available in 7 powder coat colors as well as lighted and non-lighted configurations. The Flat Post Cap updates our original pyramid post cap design. This new “flat top” design compliments almost all railing profiles while adding visual appeal to your deck, patio, or outdoor space. Made from powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, the Flat Post Cap is easy to install (Plug-N-Play), available in 7 powder coat colors, and multiple light configurations; the perfect balance of looks, quality, durability, and value.

Built To Last

Because these premium quality post caps are made by DEKOR, you know they’re built to last.

The Flat Post Cap is designed to fit deck, fence, and dock posts. It is compatible with dimensional, composite, and vinyl post sleeves. It is also compatible with CCA (pressure treated) wood. We have done extensive accelerated testing with the materials we use in our products and have found no degradation or negative effects.

The post caps themselves are extremely durable:


  • Waterproof / Weatherproof / Salt Air Resistant / Hail Damage Resistant
  • Heavy duty, aircraft-grade aluminum die-cast fixture
  • Corrosion Resistance from Alodine™ coating / Epoxy primer prior to powder coating
  • UV protection built into high quality powder coating formulation

Finally, our Flat Post Caps come with our unbeatable 10/30 year warranty, up to 3X longer than “comparable” post caps found at big box stores. Who says products don’t last anymore?

The Flat Post Cap Light: Protection + Illumination

Our Flat Post Cap Lights do triple duty, offering protection and ambiance while adding safety and security to your home. The lights are low voltage, energy saving, and PLUG-N-Play. The Flat Post Cap is lighted with 6 CREE LED lights per side ( with 5 lighting configurations available. Light one side, two sides, three or all four to suit your deck design and provide light where you need it most. The lights use CREE LEDs and components made right here in America. This is hassle-free, waterproof, LED lighting. If a light strip fails, it is easily replaced and covered under our 10-year warranty. Replacement strips are also available for purchase from DEKOR.

Like all DEKOR deck lighting products, our lighted post caps feature:

  • Long life CREE LEDs with a 10 Year Warranty
  • Warm white light, the ambiance of incandescent lighting
  • Full dimming capability with a DEKOR dimmer

DEKOR™ is an Energy Star partner and a CREE LEDs Branding Partner.


ETL Listed, CE (Europe), CTick (Australia)




Assembled in the USA


15 Lumens / 25 Lumens


20 Lumens / 40 Lumens


Aircraft Grade Aluminum


0.8 Watts


1.6 Watts


12 volt DC




LIFETIME Warranty Effective January 1,2022 Eligibility DEKOR® Lighting is pleased to extend this Warranty to YOU the original consumer/end user of the lighting product. This Warranty is valid for DEKOR® Lighting products used in standard residential applications and is not assignable or transferable. DEKOR® Lighting represents the product to be free from defects of material, and workmanship for a specific period of years outlined below, following the date of purchase. DEKOR® Lighting does not cover costs of installation, removal or reinstallation. DEKOR®’s sole obligation is limited to a replacement of the nonfunctioning part, and DEKOR® Lighting shall have no further liability or obligation except as expressly stated herein. If a claim is made under this Warranty on a product that is no longer available, DEKOR® Lighting reserves the right to substitute a replacement with a similar product of equivalent quality and value at DEKOR®’s discretion. Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty only applies to lights manufactured by DEKOR® and is valid only when used with a DEKOR® power source; for standard application and use for which these products are intended. DEKOR®, has the sole option to, repair or replace any light used in an application where the product is intended for use for the LIFETIME of the purchase. Limited Warranty DEKOR lights used in a standard residential application with a NON-DEKOR power source will be warrantied for three years following the date of purchase. DEKOR Controllers and Solar components used in a standard residential application with a DEKOR power source will be warrantied for three years following the date of purchase. DEKOR Controllers and Solar components used in a standard residential application with a NON-DEKOR power source will be warrantied for one year following the date of purchase. DEKOR power sources used in a standard residential application will be warrantied for one year following the date of purchase. Powder Coating Warranty 30 years. Limitations/Exclusions on Warranty Warranty applies only to non-functioning part. Not the whole light fixture or system. Listed below are exclusions not covered but not limited to. Has not been installed in accordance with the DEKOR® Lighting installation guidelines and local building codes. Has been abused, placed under or subjected to abnormal residential-use conditions or has surface damage or surface punctures. Has been used, modified or otherwise treated in any manner other than as intended by DEKOR®. Has been stored improperly prior to installation, or resulting in excess exposure to moisture or harsh environments. Product that has been disassembled, modified or repaired by anyone other than DEKOR®. Act of God, acts of war, or chemicals. Failure to follow any restrictions or warnings supplied with the product shall make the Warranty null and void and of no further effect. DEKOR® Lighting reserves the right to investigate any claim and to inspect the materials for which a claim is made. Proper installation is a condition to coverage under this warranty. The Consumer assumes all risk and liability associated with the construction or use of this product.
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