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Deck Expressions Railing Guide

There are many variables and choices to make when it comes to your outdoor deck. From the actual material you choose for your deck flooring to the many different colors options down to the actual layout, there is no shortage of decisions to be made. However, none may be more important than the railing you decide on. Nothing is more visible on your deck than the railing, and nothing is more important when it comes to durability, maintenance, safety and general aesthetics—your railing is truly the heart and soul of your deck! While there are no wrong choices, the railing guide below will help you to understand the many variables so you can make a strong and informed decision on your deck’s railing! 

Aluminum Railing Systems


An aluminum/metal is a very popular choice as it provides the ultimate strength strong and durability. Aluminum balusters are usually slim and provide a contemporary and modern look and feel . Aluminum is also extremely low maintenance with little to none rust and corrosion regardless of weather elements. Aluminum railing is also the quickest and easiest system to install making it very popular for the DIYers. Optional iron panels consist of pre-welded galvanized powder coated steel that last for decades and are also extremely easy to install. Some of the tremendous aluminum options we have here at Deck Expressions include:









Vinyl Railing Systems

Vinyl Railing is an excellent choice when considering budget, durability and needed maintenance. When compared to traditional wood railings, vinyl is a no brainer if durability and longevity are important to you! Most often available in classic white, vinyl does not require painting, sanding or staining. Ease of installation also makes vinyl a popular and great choice for your railing. Som of the vinyl railings available here at Deck Expressions include:








Combination”Mix & Match” Railing Systems

Utilizing a hybrid system that provides composite frames and railings with aluminum/metal balusters helps to create a durable railing option that provides the look and feel of real wood along with the strength and durability of metal balusters and infill. This popular combination of customary and contemporary styles provides a distinctive aesthetic that will make your deck pop! Aluminum rails will pass negate all rotting, warping and splintering issues and of course will never need staining or painting. Aluminum balusters are unaffected by even the harshest weather elements and climates and will look fresh and new for decades with minimum maintenance. Below are some excellent “combos” provided here at Deck Expressions:

  • Avalon / Transform - RDI



  • Endurance / Avalon - RDI


Composite Railing Systems

Composite railings are most often manufactured from recycled plastics and various wood fibers. They are a strong choice when the look of a true wood railing is desired but without the required maintenance and durability issues that often arise with “real” wood. Composite railings eliminate splintering and are resistant against extreme weather circumstances. Additionally, composite railing systems give that often desired traditional look and feel. Composite railings can also be tailored to your own personal preferences with a large range of color and design choices. Here are a couple of popular composite railing options offered here at Deck Expressions:






Cable Railing Systems

Cable railing has gained much popularity recently and it’s no surprise as this style brings a beautiful, modern, and professional look and feel that provides clear and open views and a seamless connection to the rest of your yard. Typically, cable railing systems are comprised of stainless steel cable that is affixed between posts that can be made of wood, metal or vinyl. Installation of cable railing is not difficult but will often take more time than most other railing options .  Cable railing is low-maintenance; tightening the tension will be required from time to time but is a quick and easy process. Some excellent Cable railing choices here at Deck Expressions include:







Glass Railing Systems

Glass railing brings a sleek, modern and trendy touch with the most expansive and clear views available. A perfect choice when you desire the beauty of your entire yard be seen and felt! Tempered glass panels and balusters are incredibly durable and tolerant extreme heat and cold climates. Glass railing systems tend to be more costly than other options, but provide a high-end beauty that can’t be matched! Some of the tremendous glass options available at Deck Expressions include:









Steel Railing Systems

Steel deck railings offer durability, style, and versatility for your deck while also providing extra safety and security for your guests, family, and loved ones as they enjoy the great outdoors. With many styles of prefabricated steel deck railings on the market and plenty of DIY options, there are many choices when shopping for this popular option to your deck. Sleek, economical, and with many customizable options, steel railings are an elegant and durable choice for any deck application. Here are some of the great steel options offered here at Deck Expressions:





Designer Railing Panels

Add a distinctive style that you can call your own. We have Designer vinyl panels and decorative screen panels that will work with aluminum or vinyl railing. We also offer a few steel panel options for the RDI Excalibur railing system.








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