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Tyvek Tape is a durable, high-performance tape that offers superior adhesion and protection on a wide range of surfaces. It is often used in construction, restoration, and general repairs. It is perfect for sealing air barriers, such as insulation and vapor barriers. Tyvek Tape has excellent UV resistance and strong backing, making it ideal for outdoor applications, such as windows and doors. It can be easily painted over, and it is compatible with many coatings and sealants. Increasingly, Tyvek tape is being used for products that require secure openings and closures, such as medical and pharmaceutical packaging, industrial products, and food and beverage containers.

Tyvek Tape is specially engineered for use with Tyvek HomeWrap. This crucial, final step provides maximum reduction of air infiltration and water protection. Tyvek Tape helps create a seamless, protective building envelope.


Tyvek wrap helps reduce drafts and helps keep energy costs down, with warm air staying inside during cold weather, and cool air staying inside during hot weather. Tyvek wraps also breathe so that moisture inside the house can escape while it helps stop rain from getting in. Choose your style wrap - Tyvek Home Wrap - Tyvek Commercial Wrap - Tyvek StuccoWrap.

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