Tyvek Tape by Dupont

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Tyvek Tape by DuPont


  • Color: white/clear

  • Two sizes to choose from: 2” x 55 yards, and 3” x 55 yards

  • Material: polypropylene film coated with a specially formulated permanent acrylic adhesive

  • Temperature range: -40°F – 220°F

More details:  

Information Sheet (https://www.dupont.com/content/dam/dupont/amer/us/en/performance-building-solutions/public/documents/en/tyvek-tape-product-information-sheet-43-d100065-enna.pdf)  

About this product…

Looking for the perfect seam tape to wrap-up your construction project? Our Tyvek® tape by DuPont is extremely durable, waterproof, easy to use, and compatible with interior and exterior projects. It is constructed of an oriented polypropylene film, coated with a specially formulated permanent acrylic adhesive to create the best adhesion between seam tape and DuPont™ Tyvek® weather barriers. Further, this tape is versatile as well as recommended as a best installation practice for sealing seams of the DuPont Tyvek Weatherization System.

Using a quality weather barrier on a commercial building is as important as installing it properly. Taping the seams after wrapping – in addition to taping any tears or holes – is the best practice for maximum reduction of air and water intrusion into the building envelope. By keeping air and water at bay, this tape will contribute to conserving energy within your building or home.

This product is ideal for everything from renovation to a new reconstruction build, and is designed for ease of use for all levels of construction experience.

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