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Dupont Rainvent Battens ~ A Durable, Waterproof Alternative to Wood Furring Strips

Choose furring strips made for durable performance and compatibility with DuPont Tyvek, as well as other weather barriers.

The unique ventilated design of DuPont RainVent Batten furring strips helps prevent water damage and mold behind typical residential facades and claddings, such as siding, stucco, masonry and other exteriors.

When installed over a DuPont Tyvek water-resistant barrier, RainVent™ Batten furring strips create an intentional ventilated  airspace between the cladding and the sheathing, to improve drying and help reduce  the chances of  moisture damage and mold.


In typical wood-framed wall construction, a DuPont Tyvek weather barrier is installed over sheathing. DuPont™ RainVentTMBattens are installed over the Tyvek WB. Polypropylene construction makes them more durable and less susceptible to water damage than wood furring strips.

The ventilated air space created between exterior cladding and wall sheathing allows air circulation vertically and horizontally, to help ventilate the air space  to enhance drying and form a capillary break from sheathing.


DuPont™ RainVent™ Batten offers many advantages:

  • A great alternative to using timber batten strips
  • Manufactured from strong polypropylene
  • Lightweight and easier to install than timber battens
  • Unique baffle design allows air to move horizontally and vertically behind the cladding this speeds up the drying process
  • Wont split 
  • Can be installed in all wind zones including very high
  • Fire resistant (however must be separated from fireplaces, heating appliances, flue and chimneys in accordance with NZ Building Code) 


  • 3/8" x 1 5/8" x 8'
  • Sold 40-per bundle 

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