Tyvek Home Wrap by Dupont

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Tyvek Home Wrap by Dupont

The #1 Brand in Home Wraps. A House Wrap Engineered for Superior Performance

Unique material science helps prevent the infiltration of air and water, but lets water vapor escape to prevent rot and mold inside walls. DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap is the original house wrap, incorporating unique material science that helps keep air and water out, while letting water vapor escape.As a result, it can contribute to improved building durability by helping to protect homes against damaging wind and rain that can penetrate the exterior cladding. Tyvek Home Wrap can also reduce home energy bills by controlling air flow and water intrusion, which helps insulation work better, allowing the HVAC system to work more efficiently. It’s a house wrap engineered to keep homes cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry all year round. Perforated house wraps require “micro-perforations,” or thousands of holes, to allow the product to breathe. While this can help keep moisture from getting trapped inside walls, it also gives water and air a way in. Perforated wraps give up a great deal of resistance to air and water penetration in order to achieve some level of vapor permeability. Water and air infiltration can lead to the potential for water damage and make insulation less effective, leading to higher energy costs.


  • Delivers the optimum balance of properties for superior performance against the elements
  • Helps prevent outside water from entering the walls and help to seal the home to keep outside air where it belongs
  • Backed by a 10-year limited warranty from DuPont
  • Helps reduce homeowner energy bill because homes stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and dry all year round
  • Recommended for use with 2" Tyvek tape 
  • For longer lengths and bulk orders , please call for pricing


  • 3' x 100'
  • 3' x 165'
  • 5' x 200'
  • 9' x 150'
  • 10' x 100'
  • 10' x 150'
  • 9' x 400'

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