Tyvek Products

You want to make sure that the elements stay outdoors. Water, weather, and pollutants can eat away at barriers between doors and windows. Our wide range of Tyvek weatherization systems helps keep nature outside while also maintaining the warmth and comfort of your home or office.

Tape and Wrap

This simple step can go a long way in protecting your home or office from the elements. Tyvek flashing tape protects the heads and jambs of doors and windows from moisture and cold. Sealing the building with Tyvek tape or wrap will also improve energy efficiency, minimize costs, and maximize building comfort.

We offer Tyvek flashing tape for general use, Tyvek metalized tape for deeper penetrations like pipework and other obtrusions, and Tyvek flex wrap for custom shapes and corners. Whatever spot, corner, hole, or connector you need to seal, seal it right with our Tyvek weatherization systems.

Roof Liner

One of the main entry points for weather is your roof. It takes the brunt of the wind, rain, snow, and sun. Protect your roof with durable, high performance DuPont roofliner. This material lays between the roof and shingles to provide unparalleled protection. It will keep water out and even provides protection from UV rays.


For those spots around your home that need a bit more protection our Tyvek residential sealant is just what you need. Apply this around doors and windows to keep weather out and comfort in. DuPont sealant is formulated to bond with Tyvek tape and wrap. When used in conjunction with our Tyvek weatherization systems it provides maximum protection from the elements.

Straight Flash

Tyvek straight flash is a premium self-adhering flashing material for door and window jambs and heads. This innovative, high quality flashing will keep Mother Nature out and comfort in. Protect your home and increase energy efficiency with straight flash.

Wrap Cap

Nail holes provide the elements with the perfect foot hold to compromise your structure. Ensure weather stays out with Tyvek wrap caps. This integral aspect of Tyvek weatherization systems provides extra protection at the location of fastener penetration.

Home Wrap

Tyvek home wrap protects your entire home. When this house wrap is used it keeps air and moisture out while letting vapor escape, preventing rot and mold from forming. This wrap keeps your home protected from the elements while increasing efficiency and durability. We even have stucco home wrap for homes with that classic stucco style.

Protect Your Home

Protect your home from the elements with our Tyvek weatherization systems. We offer a wide range of options to help keep nature out and comfort in. Contact Deck Expressions today to learn more about protecting your home with Tyvek. We offer 24 hour support for all your questions. Call us now to discuss weatherizing your home.