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Tyvek CommercialWrap by DuPont


  • Material: high density polyethylene

  • Two different sizes to choose from: 5’ x 200’, or 10’ x 125’

  • Two different types to choose from: Commercial Wrap, or Commercial Wrap D

    • D = drainage

      • Superior weather barrier qualities

More details:

  • Helps prevent mold

  • Durable and tear-resistant

  • Withstands up to 9 months of UV exposure

  • Allows water vapor to escape to help improve indoor air quality

  • Reduces air infiltration and exfiltration to help HVAC systems operate more efficiently

  • Best suited under a variety of commercial facades: fiber cement, wood siding, stucco, stone, EIFS (synthetic stucco) and more

Information Sheet (https://www.dupont.com/content/dam/dupont/amer/us/en/performance-building-solutions/public/documents/en/tyvek-commercialwrap-pis-43-d100052-enna.pdf

About this product…

Tyvek® CommercialWrap by DuPont is a building wrap specifically designed for commercial use; with its materials meeting standards of longer work-time and exposure to elements, and higher-trafficked environments. 

Tyvek®’s CommercialWrap is an extremely durable weather barrier, designed with high-tear strength and up to nine months of UV exposure to withstand the rigors of commercial job sites. This product has been evaluated by the Air Barrier Association of America to have exceeded air leakage standards, making it the ideal combination of air and water resistance, while offering vapor permeability as well. Vapor permeability is important because when moisture is present inside a structure, permeability in material allows water vapor to escape, letting wall systems dry, preventing mold and protecting air quality.

This product aids in energy conservation and building integrity threefold. Firstly, this material regulates air leakage, encouraging optimal function of the building's HVAC system, saving money on energy bills. Secondly, the CommercialWrap prevents water infiltration, protecting the building’s material and structure from mold, rot, or other corrosion. Lastly, the wrap allows water vapor adequate space to release from the inside, also protecting the building from mold, rot, internal moisture, and improves air quality. The CommercialWrap may be eligible towards LEED points in the areas of Energy and Atmosphere. 

Made from 100% flash spunbonded high density polyethylene fibers (HPDE) bonded together by heat and pressure makes for a tough and durable sheet structure.

There are two different types of wrap to choose from; the Commercial Wrap, and the Commercial Wrap D. Both types offer everything listed above, while the ladder option, ‘D’, provides greater drainage functions. The specially engineered surface texture in DuPont Tyvek® Commercial Wrap D provides a slight space between the exterior insulation and exterior sheathing to help water drain effectively and provides superior water hold-out.

There are two different sizes to choose from – 5’ x 200’ or 10’ x 125’.

Tyvek® CommercialWrap can be integrated with DuPont self adhered flashing products and Tyvek®Fluid Applied products to offer seamless protection for wall systems that require mechanically fastened and fluid applied air and water barriers.

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