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Low Voltage Transformers

Simply explained, the transformer is the box that provides the power for the entire lighting system. For smaller lighting systems, the wiring is pretty straightforward and basic. However, for larger transformers there can be multiple terminal blocks and numerous commons. When it comes to low voltage landscape lighting, LED lamps have become quite popular and this has allowed for the creation of larger lighting systems without the need for larger, power-eating transformers. Additionally, LED lamps will turn on at both higher and lower voltages without having their brightness affected the way traditional halogen lamps do.


A photocell is simply a light sensor. It works by sensing sunlight to help determine when lights should turn on and off. While photocells come in multiple shapes and sizes, they all function  the same way--by sensing when day is turning to night and enacting the system once it's dark enough to illuminate . A photocell is a great way to ensure that your system’s lights will turn on properly as the sun sets and dusk falls. Mechanical timers also work best when mounted in a non-lit area.


Here at Deck Expressions, we offer many replacement bulb options for low voltage lighting fixtures. These bulbs are specifically designed for landscape and outdoor living space lighting. Besides providing beautiful and practical illumination, these bulbs are encapsulated to help keep moisture away from the LED diodes. Additionally, they feature slots on the capsule to help draw heat away and increase the lifetime of the lamps. 

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