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Low Voltage Transformers

Low voltage transformers are electrical components that reduce the voltage of an electrical current. They are typically used to reduce the voltage of an alternating current (AC) for use in low voltage applications. Low voltage transformers are commonly used to reduce the voltage of AC power lines to a safe level for powering lights or other electrical devices in a home or business. Simply explained, the transformer is the box that provides the power for the entire lighting system. For smaller lighting systems, the wiring is pretty straightforward and basic. However, for larger transformers there can be multiple terminal blocks and numerous commons. When it comes to low voltage landscape lighting, LED lamps have become quite popular and this has allowed for the creation of larger lighting systems without the need for larger, power-eating transformers. Additionally, LED lamps will turn on at both higher and lower voltages without having their brightness affected the way traditional halogen lamps do. Read More

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