Low Voltage DC Transformers by Aurora

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Aurora Transformer

Only to be used with LED lighting applications. Keyhole mountings are featured for ease of operation and installation.


  • Waterproof with quick attach pigtail.
  • Works well with Odyssey low voltage lighting.
  • 12 ~ 36 ~ 60-watt power pack is compatible with low voltage incandescent lights
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Low voltage for different wattage systems
  • Does NOT have timer


  • 12watt ~ 1 amp
  • 36watt ~ 3 amp
  • 60watt ~ 6 amp
  • 100watt ~10 amp

About this product...

The Aurora 12 Volt D/C Transformer is designed for outdoor lighting applications. The Aurora 12v transformers are designed for outdoor LED Lights. The DC Transformer has 12 volts of output for low voltage LED lights. The transformers plug into a GFCI outdoor receptacle changing the 120v household electricity to a 12v usable for most low voltage deck lighting.


What is the product warranty? The Aurora Deck Light product is warranted against manufacturer defect for a period of one year. Product replacement is provided at no charge during this warranty period. Product must be returned to Deck lights for inspection at customer expense. Aurora Deck Lights does not provide for any labor costs related to product warranty.

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