Dryflekt Kickout Water Diverter Flashing



Recognized industry-wide as the best practice installation product for preventing water intrusion, Deck Expressions is pleased to carry DryFlekt Kick-Out diverter flashing, the simple and affordable way to protect your home’s exterior from water damage. The problems caused by water damage can be as long-lasting as they are expensive, which is why it’s recommended that every homeowner takes the right steps to protect themselves.

DryFlekt’s patented design effectively diverts roofline water from sloped rooftops and away from your home’s vertical walls, siding, and foundation, preventing costly repairs. When the weather gets wet, it’s often simple structural touches that can help keep you protected from mildew, leaks, and intrusions. Add diverter flashing to any home for a bit of extra protection from this season’s rainfall.

DryFlekt’s diverter flashing works well with many different materials, like stucco, brick, and stone. Made with special materials designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, it will never rust, corrode, or conduct electricity. Available in seven standard colors, including black, DryFlekt is an attractive and reliable water management system that you can trust.

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