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Solar Post Caps for Deck Railing

Adding solar post caps to your fence, deck, or mailbox is a great way to add a little flair and style to your home. A solar post cap will truly add ambience and elegance. Deck Expressions offers a wide range of solar caps and lights for you to choose from.

Lamp Style

Some of our most popular solar post cap light options are the ones that look like traditional lamps. This style features glass panel sides that direct light outward and downward. This provides lighting to walkways as well as ambient lighting for outdoor areas. Classy Caps offers many styles to choose from including Fairmont, Colonial, Classy, Prestige, and Ambience. The Ambience style features a Japanese garden aesthetic and looks great on posts and decks in garden environments. For larger posts (6x6) check out these two options ~ Cambridge or the Oxford.

We also carry lamp style solar post cap options from Deckorators. These styles pair perfectly with their extensive range of railing, baluster, and post cover options. These caps come in larger sizes for the stone post covers ~ Stone post Cover Solar Post CapVersa, and ALX Classic styles.

Band Style

This type of solar post cap features a minimal central band of light in the middle of the post cap. This style reduces the outward lighting of the lamp style while still providing great illumination and ambience. We have options for band style cap lights from Deckorators, Aurora and Classy Cap.

Downward Style

Downward style post cap lighting casts illumination down the post rather than outward. This style is great for providing lighting for decks and walkways while reducing light pollution. Both the ALX Classic and Woodland Gray style from Deckorators offers this ambient solar post cap look. This is a great option for when you want elegant lighting that minimizes light leakage and pollution.

Decorative Style

Our most unique solar post cap light options are those that offer more decorative style. Deckorators offers antique bronze cutout options, stained glass with leaf filigreed accents. These solar post cap styles offer great design and soft illumination. These post caps will spark conversation and shed illumination on your deck or walkway.

Light up Your Life

Adding a solar post cap or a solar post cap light to your fence, deck, or mailbox post is an economical and easy way to spruce up your home, provide lighting, and add ambient style. Our wide selection of post lighting ensures you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Illuminate your yard and add flair to your home with one of our many solar light options. Contact Deck Expressions today to talk about your lighting needs. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect accent for your outdoor oasis.

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