Super Bright 100 LED Solar Motion Security Light by Classy Caps

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LED Super Bright Solar Security Light by Classy Caps

The Super Bright 100 LED Solar Motion Security Light by Classy Caps is an outdoor lighting solution that combines powerful bright LED light with energy-efficient solar technology. The security light features 100 LED lights and provides up to 900 lumens of super bright, energy-efficient lighting. The motion sensor allows the light to turn on when it senses movement. Its adjustable sensitivity settings can be customized for specific needs. The light is designed for easy installation and is made with corrosion-proof aluminum and waterproof plastic. With a long operating life, the Super Bright 100 LED Solar Motion Security Light by Classy Caps will last for years, providing illumination and security. Classy Caps 100 LED's super bright Solar Motion Sensored Security light is sure to effectively illuminate any outdoor area such as your home, business, driveway, parking lot, loading dock and entrance way.  With its 180 degree motion sensor detection range & up to 10 meter (30 ft) detection distance this powerful 600 Lumen bright white  solar motion sensored security light is adjustable and will stay on for a time range of 10 seconds to 2 minutes. The solar panel can be mounted up to 4.5 meters away from the light fixture.  Installs easily with included wall mount and hardware.


  • High performance solar motion sensor security light
  • Perfect for home, business, driveway, parking lot, loading dock & entrance way
  • Duration 10 seconds to 2 minutes, sensor level adjustment of motion, Lux day - night adjustable / on - off switch
  • 100 super bright SMD LED's / white light
  • Adjustable detection range / wall mount
  • Motion sensing up to 10 meters & approx. 180 degree detection
  • 5 long life AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries included
  • 600 Lumens / 4000 - 5000 Kelvin


  • White
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