Low Voltage Wiring & Accessories


Low-Voltage Dimmers, Pigtails, & Additional Accessories

Low-voltage wiring is the most efficient, simple and reliable method for distributing voltage to any outdoor fixtures. A properly-designed and installed cabling system provides "worry-free-wiring”. More importantly, low-voltage wiring ensures peak performance, flexibility, and room to add on as you continue to evolve your outdoor living space. Here at Deck Expressions, we offer a variety of low-voltage dimmers, low-voltage pigtails, plug and play splitters, and many more low-voltage wiring options and accessories!

Low Voltage Wiring

Deck Expressions offers a variety of Plug and Play Low voltage options from a variety of manufacturers such as Aurora and RDI as well as bulk spools from Dekor. RDI offers multiple length quick connect wires for their low voltage post caps and deck lighting. In addition to the wiring they also offer 2-way and 5-way splitters this way multiple circuits can be run.

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