DEKORKONNECT WiFi Light Controller

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DEKORKONNECT WiFi Light Controller by Dekor

DEKORKONNECT™ enables wireless control of your DEKOR® installation from anywhere in the world. Fine-tune brightness, set schedules, and see the status of all your zones from the easy-to-use Bond Home app, even when you’re nowhere near home.

Introducing DEKORKONNECT™ – NexGen Wireless Control

With the DEKORKONNECT™ wireless controller and the free Bond Home app, you have complete control over all your DEKOR® products from the palm of your hand.  This fully redesigned system provides longer connectivity range, easier setup, and complete integration with your favorite voice services such as Alexa and Google Home.


  • Ad-hoc on/off and brightness control
  • Scheduling based on set times or variables such as dawn and dusk
  • Smart home integration

The DEKORKONNECT™ wireless controller is compatible with all DEKOR® power supplies and Transconnect cables. We do not recommend controlling more than 60W with a single controller, so high-power installations should be split into zones using multiple controllers and our 5-Way or “Y” splitters.  Do calculations for a 60W controller here or contact our support department to further discuss your project and how to use the Dekor Connect.

The free Bond Home app is available for iOS and Android in the App Store and on Google Play respectively. This app provides access to all features, including smart home integration, and live support so you’re never left in the dark.

Warranty Policy DEKOR® products are manufactured with careful attention to detail to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We warranty the original purchaser of the product and from the original date of purchase as follows: ITEM POLICY For Powder Coat Finish 30 Year Warranty For all LED Deck Lights and Recessed Lights 10 Year Warranty when installed with DEKOR® brand transformers. No warranty when used with any other power source. For all LED Landscape Lights 5 Year Warranty when installed with DEKOR® brand transformers. No warranty when used with any other power source. For Under Cabinet LED Light Bars 5 Year Warranty when installed with DEKOR® brand transformers. No warranty when used with any other power source. For LED Transformers 3 Year Warranty when used exclusively for DEKOR® lighted Products. 2 Year Warranty from date of purchase when sold separately and used with non-DEKOR® LED lighted products. For LED Controllers 1 Year Warranty When Used Exclusively With DEKOR® Transformers.No warranty when used with any other brand of transformer. For Solar Post Caps 3 Year Warranty on all electronics in the cap, including the battery. 30 Year Warranty on the powder coating. The Warranty Should any product fail, the defective product must be returned to DEKOR® or one of its authorized dealers, with proof of original purchase. The customer is responsible for paying shipping. Written authorization must be obtained before shipping the product directly to DEKOR®.For products shipped directly to DEKOR®, we will repair or replace the part(s) or product at our discretion. If the product is returned to an authorized dealer for repairs, DEKOR® will provide the materials to repair the product free of charge, including transportation costs. EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE PROVIDED, DEKOR® MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANT ABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Limitation of Liability DEKOR®’s Liability in all cases shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective parts only. This product warranty excludes any costs associated by homeowner or contractor for removal or re-installation of replacement products. Damages resulting from misuse, abuse, alteration, negligence, acts of God or accidents are not covered under this warranty.
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