Remote Control Dimmer by Aurora

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Aurora Remote control Dimmer

RF dimmer is a controller that can adjust light to the appropriate lighting brightness incrementally.


The Aurora Deck Lighting DC Remote Dimmer is compatible with the Aurora Phoenix LED Lighting. The dimmer is installed after the transformer 12 volt output line.


  • Compatible with Aurora Phoenix LED Lights
  • Remote included. The remote is sold with the Phoenix lighting kit

Installation Instructions:

Once all of the LED Deck lights have been connected to the wire, connect the male end of the twisted wire pigtail to the Remote Driver Box. Connect the Remote Control Driver wires to the end of the twisted wire using two connectors. The black wire must be connected to the positive wire lead as noted on the transformer, and the white wire must be connected to the negative wire. See Figure #1.

Operating Instructions:

There are 4 buttons on your remote control:
M = Mode button – allows for quick click adjustment

/\ = Micro adjust UP – Press and hold
\/ = Micro adjust DOWN – press and hold

= On/Off button

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