Photoelectric Timer by Aurora

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Plug 110 male receptacle into timer ~ plug timer into 110v outlet ~ set timer

The Aurora ML1 Photo Electric Timer is designed to set the time you want your deck lights to turn on or off and forget about it. The Aurora PhotoElectric Timer is simple to install and program, will work Indoors or Outdoors, and is covered by Dekor's 1 year Warranty. Simply plug the Timer into an outlet, plug your transformer into it, set the mode you want and your done. Choose from the following program modes: Off, Always On, Dusk to Dawn, or On at Dusk for 1-8 hours. The Aurora ML1 PhotoElectric Timer is compatible with all Aurora transformers and any of the other brand transformers.


  •  Photoelectric timer with built in photo eye.
  • 1-8 Hr. option.
  • Designed for use with any transformer.
  • Two 110v outputs.
  • Just plug into a 110v outlet and plug transformer into this unit.
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