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Deck Screws
The screws you use on your deck can mean the difference between an inflated, bumpy finish and a smooth, secure one. Deck Expressions is proud of its inventory of high performance PVC, hardwood, structural, and trim head screws in every size, shape, and material you’ll need for achieving that ideal finish on your deck project!


Our bestselling DeckFast Headcote 305 deck screws by Starborn are made of stainless steel with an augur point and square recess for ease in installation and splitting prevention. Headcote 316 is designed for high performance in marine and oceanfront decks for solid protection against corrosion and staining. Headcote composite deck screws come in an enormous range of colors to match any deck color on the market.

Pro Plug

For a hidden deck fastening system on IPE and hardwood deck boards, Pro Plug’s Plug and Fastener Kit system is the best way to ensure quality performance and surface protection against the raising and weathering from composite deck screws. The innovative, patent-pending glue nozzle allows for easy access to sidewall and plug holes, a feature that builders can count on for professional quality deck and flooring work.

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