Deck & Trim Screws


Deck and Trim Screws

The screws you use on your deck can mean the ultimate difference between a bloated, bumpy finish, unsightly finish or a smooth, seamless, and secure one. Deck Expressions offers an inventory of the highest performance PVC, hardwood, structural, and trim head screws in every size, shape, and material you’ll ever need for achieving that ideal safe and beautiful finish on your deck project!


Deckorators deck screws are perfectly designed for specific use with Deckorators capstock and composite decking products. The Deckorators deck screws feature a triangular thread design as well as a composite style head with a sharp undercut that penetrates perfectly through the hard outer layer of capstock decking. Additionally, a type-17 auger point provides a faster start, as well as a reverse thread that effectively prevents mushrooming. Deckfast Cap-Tor screws are zinc plated and epoxy coated. This results on excellent resistance of corrosion . These screws are available in multiple colors to effectively match all of the most popular decking products.


TOPLoc Fastening System for Azek Decking are color matched fasteners that are available in high quality, stainless steel screws. These are ACQ approved, and come with a Torx ttap drive system. TOPLoc is a dense board fastening solution that works with all Azek planks and fascia. This system is color matched and available in all of the multitude of Azek decking colors to minimize the visibility of fasteners, providing a smooth and clean finish.


TimberTech's TOPLoc Stainless Steel Face Fastening System delivers a color-matched fastener option that is ideal for dense boards or situations where hidden fasteners are not possible. TOPLoc screws are compatible with all TimberTech decking including XLM, Earth wood Evolutions, Twin Finish, DockSider planks and ReliaBoard decking. Face fastening screws eliminate all guesswork out of which screw will look best or provide the easiest installation. TOPLoc™ screws are specifically designed for TimberTech deck boards and the ‘mushrooming’ effect that standard decking screws cause when used with composite wood materials. 


Starborn’s bestselling DeckFast Headcote 305 deck screws are made of stainless steel with an augur point and square recess for easy installation and prevention of splitting and mushrooming. The Headcote 316 is designed for the highest performance in marine and oceanfront decks and provide the ultimate protection against the corrosion and staining that water areas typically result in. Additionally, Headcote composite deck screws come in an enormous range of colors to match any deck color on the market.

Pro Plug:

For a hidden deck fastening system on natural IPE and hardwood deck boards, Pro Plug’s Plug and Fastener Kit system is the best way to ensure quality performance and surface protection against the raising and weathering that are typical when composite deck screws are used for natural surfaces. The innovative glue nozzle allows for easy access to sidewall and plug holes, a feature that builders can count on for professional quality deck and flooring work.

For more great deals on deck screws and plenty of other construction screw products from Deck Expressions, check out our full offering or reach out to us at so that we can help with your specific project questions! 










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