Headcote Color Head Deck Trim Screws by Starborn

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Headcote Trim Screws by Starborn

All Azek colors available in the Headcote #7 x 1-5/8"  trim screws


Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber. For applications exposed to salt air, near large bodies of water, swimming pools or other areas where corrosion is more likely to occur.


  • Highly durable epoxy based finish
  • #7 x 1-5/8" Trim Head with countersinking nibs  
  • Perfect for fascia boards!
  • Deep coarse threads for better hold - Type 17 notched point for easy insertion
  • Type 305 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance
  • Sold in 100pc. accessory pack
  • Auger Point Tip

Headcote trim screws work great with the SMART-BIT Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tool.

Click HERE for smart bit

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