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Thesmart bitis a counter sinking tool that pre-drills. With the Smart Bit system, you get a perfect hole and a perfect fit every time. With this patented system, it greatly reduces broken drill bits. This trim head sized Smart-Bit creates a hole that matches the shape of a #10 trim head screw, along with a hole diameter suitable for fastening into hardwoods. Makes a hole with an overall length of 1-1/8 in., perfect for pre-drilling deck boards, but also useful in many other applications. The Trim Head Screw sized Smart-Bit makes a countersunk pilot hole that is perfectly matched to your specific fastener size. No trial and error adjustments to find the right setting, the depth of the countersink stays consistent - it does not slip. Originally developed for deck builders, Smart-Bit has found a wide following, especially among those working with hardwoods, such as those installing oak cabinets. When installing decks, Smart-Bit is particularly useful when working with hardwoods and composite decking, where pre-drilling is often recommended or required, or when using stainless steel deck screws. Drill bits can be replaced when broken or worn. New drill bits are installed into the countersinking portion of the tool. Two extra bits are provided with the tool along with a hex wrench, all in a tray box. Extra packs of 5 replacement bits are also available. Use only Smart-Bit Replacement Bits.

    These drill bits are called Powerbolic. They are made from high-speed steel with especially aggressive parabolic fluting. This fluting displaces waste material faster than standard bits, making holes faster and easier while prolonging bit life. Another advantage to the Smart-Bit is the free-spinning no-mark stop collar which prevents burnishing of the work surface. An added benefit to the stop collar: when the hole is done, the collar stops spinning.


  • Introducing the original SMART-BIT, pre-drilling and countersinking can be done in one step, with one tool, more quickly and more easily than ever before.
  • No more breaking bits when drilling off center.
  • This counter sinking drill bit will outlast any other tool on the market today. 

Click HERE for replacement bits:

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