Stone Post Covers


Stone Post Covers

Deckorators and NextStone Post wraps and faux stone column wraps are revolutionary decorative covers that will help you hide those metal or wood porch columns, porch pillars on decks, porches and basements but without forcing you to learn how to be a stone mason. There is no need to build a real masonry stone column. Quick, easy, and affordable fake stone wraps give every homeowner the ability to install stacked stone posts like a skilled craftsman. Imagine how nice it would be to take those rotten wooden pillars or basement metal poles and cover them to make beautiful stone pillars.
These column wraps are also ideal to install fence railing. Click HERE to view how they are installed.


Deckorators Stone Post Covers and accessories:

A great alternative to vinyl post wraps, stone post covers by Deckorators are made of glass-fiber, reinforced concrete, but nobody will be able to tell that they’re not real stone! The  columns look as though they were crafted by an expert mason. Available in beige stacked stone, gray cobblestone, or gray fieldstone, these majestic post covers can be further customized with Deckorators cast stone post caps and balusters to complete the look. Choose from 5 post caps including solar!



NextStone Stone Post Covers

Cast from real stone and rock, Next Stone post covers are stackable post covers made with fire retardant, polyurethane material with UV inhibitors. Covered by a 20-year warranty, these decorative slate post covers measure 41" in length and closely resemble natural stone. Designed for covering 6x6 posts, these 8x8 covers can be adapted to fit 4x4 posts as well. Next Stone post covers come in two-piece, wrap-around or one-piece, slide-over styles. Color options include Rundle ridge, Mojave, or Brunswick brown.


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