GenStone Faux Stone Post Cover

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Faux Stone Post Cover by GenStone

Stackable post covers to cover unsightly beams!


  • 8 faux stone colors to choose from: kenai, coffee, iron ore, stratford, keystone, vanilla bean, desert sunrise, and northern slate

  • Material: 98% closed cell polyurethane

  • Size: 11” (W) x 24” (H)

    • Inner dimensions: 8” x 8”


  • Stone post covers (quantity = 4)

  • Installation instructions

More details:  

  • Low maintenance

  • These are made to stack one upon the other 
  • Fits any nominal 8” x 8” 

  • Made from 99.9% waterproof high-density plastic

  • Lightweight and easy to cut with a common wood blade

About this product…

Give your pillar or column the look of stone in minutes!

Post Covers are used to cover existing posts that you may have on your deck, in your yard, or around your home. If you’re looking to update a space or make your home feel more in line with your desired aesthetics, post covers are a cost-effective and easeful solution, not requiring you to remove previously installed posts.

Our pillar panels measure 24″ tall and are designed to wrap an 8″ square post. Each pillar panel can be stacked vertically for taller posts or cut down to accommodate posts less than 48″ tall. If your post is smaller than 8″ square, simply extend the post out with wood furring strips before securing the pillar panels. The pillars and columns located at the entry or around your home or business make a lasting first impression. However, all too often these statement pieces are left unimaginative and plain, but with our pillar panel kits you can improve the curb appeal of your home or business in minutes. This 4 piece system also works great to wrap 8x8 posts on your deck. Simply attach railing connectors to the finished stone post and run your railing.

These statement pieces give your home a big personality, and are surely elevating. If you’re seeking an upgrade using stone on your decking without having to employ a mason, these pieces offer you the aesthetics and materials that you’re looking for without the long-term commitment of concrete. Striking, bold, and cast from natural stacked stone, these covers have the look and feel of high quality stone work. Created with the environment in mind, GenStone faux stone veneer panels are made from 99.9% waterproof high-density plastic, withstanding all kinds of weather, including humidity, rain, snow, and extreme heat. More specifically, the material is a closed-cell polyurethane. “Closed-cell” means the material is very dense. This density provides greater insulation and also prevents moisture penetration, without adding bulk. A square foot of our manufactured faux stone siding only weighs one pound, which means adding it to your structure provides insulation and moisture protection but does not add significant weight to the frame like real stone. 

Along with being cost and time effective, these Faux Stone Post Cover Panels by Genstone are a very green alternative to both cheap plastic products and mining natural materials. The materials used in production are inert and non-toxic. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires manufacturers to maintain Material Data Safety Sheets on many commonly used products, from window cleaning solutions to acid-based, corrosive compounds. GenStone products adhere to these requirements and also comply with Proposition 65 as implemented by the state of California, which was designed to eliminate exposure to toxic substances in consumer products. 

This four-piece cover can connect around posts, making installation possible if unable to slip over the top. These stone post covers coordinate perfectly with vinyl, composite, and wood materials, whether for deck rails, wood deck columns, or fence posts. Weighing about 1 lb. per square foot, these lightweight panels make installation easily manageable, removing the need to pay for additional materials, equipment or labor. 

Simply apply the post covers to any unsightly, weathered, or worn down posts, and you’ll notice an instant sense of accomplishment in making your home look welcoming and refreshed. They may also be used to enhance indoor areas such as load bearing basement columns. 

Faux Stone Post Cover Panels Installation Instructions

Installation Video

Any additional questions with installation, please call 855-274-2062

Warranty Information

*25 year warranty

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