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Deck Lighting Options

If you're looking to extend your outdoor living experience past sundown, you'll need to explore some deck lighting options. Consideration of a variety of lighting ideas should get you well on your way to a deck that's bright and beautiful any time of day or night. One of the keys to deck lighting is subtlety—you don't want bright spotlights overwhelming your nighttime outdoor experience. Aurora, High Point and Deckorators are the leading outdoor deck lighting companies in the country. Whether you have a deck, patio or both, pathway and stair lighting is a great investment.

Pathway Lighting 

Pathway lights allow you and your visitors to move freely by illuminating their steps. The lights can be distributed along the side of the path leading towards your patio. If you have a deck they can be spaced out evenly in different locations throughout your deck space, including the stairs. Consider choosing pathway lighting fixtures that have a medium to large hood so that light is more evenly distributed and directed towards the path. All of our lighting ships out to you the same day.

Post Cap Lighting 

Post cap lighting is offered in solar or low voltage LED. Solar post caps have come along way and will stay lit for days. LED Low voltage post caps offer reliable lighting through out the year in any type of weather. Choose from Aurora, Deckorators, Classy caps and much more!

Deck Light Kits 

Complete lighting kits are now available. Kits from Deckorators, Dekor, Aurora and High Point come with lights, wire, transformers and timers. These kits come with everything needed to install a complete lighting system on your deck
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