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Classy Solar Post Cap by Classy Caps

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Classy Solar Post Cap by Classy Caps

The Classy Cap is made from White PVC, this post cap has 4 - high output LEDs that cast high light downward onto the sides of the cap and surrounding area. Requires 2 ea. NI-MH rechargeable batteries that are included. Attractive traditional design our Classy Solar Post Cap is engineered to provide up to 12 hours of light automatically every night. Fabricated using 4 high output surface mount LED's that cast a bright white light downward onto the outside walls of the post cap and surrounding area, creating a unique ambience. 


  • High Performance solar lights - stays lit for up to 12 hours
  • Casts a brilliant white light downward onto the outside walls of the post cap and surrounding area
  • Lights up automatically every night
  • High output surface mount LED technology
  • 3x brighter than standard LED’s 
  • Light color ~ 9000k
  • 2 long life AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries included
  • Available in White or Tan PVC - won’t fade or yellow
  • Will fit over an actual 4”x4” post
Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or materials at the time of purchase for a period of one year, (excluding batteries). Should any evidence of defects in material or workmanship appear within the warranty period after the date of purchase, Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. will either repair or replace the product at its option. Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. is not responsible for injury, property damage, or other consequential damages or damages to third parties arising directly or indirectly from an actual or alleged defect in material or workmanship of the product. Warranty Replacement Instructions To make a warranty claim you must provide a copy of your purchase order, your name, contact phone number, return address, Model #, and a brief description of your claim. Classy Caps will not be responsible for shipping charges incurred beyond 90 days from the date of purchase. Once the above information is provided a customer service representative will contact you with further instructions. You may choose one of the following methods to begin your claim: 1) Email to: 2) Mail to: Classy Caps Mfg. Inc. Attn: Customer Service 2636 County Rd 20 E, Harrow, ON CA, N0R 1G0

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