Structural Posts for Decks & Porches


Structural Posts for Decks & Porches

At Deck Expressions, we’re experts in providing excellent solutions to save you time and money for your building projects, without sacrificing beauty or quality. Wood products, while beautiful, often require a level of maintenance that is simply a hassle. Let us share with you some of the aluminum and vinyl wrapped structural porchposts by companies such as RDI and Durables

Aluminum posts are without question an excellent alternative to natural wood. These aluminum structural posts look and feel like turned or flat painted wood without the exorbitant cost and maintenance required of the real thing . These aluminum extruded posts are sleeved with a weather resistant vinyl that will last provide a lifetime of use and beauty. Additionally, can also be cut to any size providing a custom look and feel to your deck.

Vinyl is another excellent option and at Deck Expressions’ we carry vinyl wrapped structural porch posts by RDI!  Available in in White, Khaki, or Sand, these vinyl porch posts come with lifetime limited warranty. Compatible with all rail kits, these vinyl wrapped aluminum structural posts are quite easy to install and are guaranteed to save you time and money. The end result is the look of a classic wooden porch minus the cost, complicated installation and long-term maintenance.

For some, real wood is the only way to go and we have you covered here as well with Traditional Cedar Porch Posts by Mr. Spindle. These posts are made from 100% clear cedar and are available in 4x4 or 6x6 x 96". Whether you are renovating or building a new porch, these cedar posts create a unique and customized finish for the perfect traditional look and feel!

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