Flat Post Cap with LED Top Light by Dekor

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Flat Post Cap with LED Top Light by Dekor

New Flat Post Cap design with a top light cap. Post caps are waterproof, weatherproof, salt air and hail damage resistant and made of powder coated aircraft grade aluminum. Available in 7 powder coat colors. Premium quality deck lighting for railing posts: the new Top Light Flat Post Cap is decorative, rugged, and designed to compliment most railing profiles.

The standout feature of this post cap is the distinctive “top light” accent that sets it apart from other designs on the market. Our goal was to create something subtle and easy on the eye while adding visual interest to the top surface of the post cap where no manufacturer has gone before.

Because these premium quality post cap lights are made by DEKOR, you know they’re built to last. All our post cap lights are:

The Flat Post Cap Light: Protection + Illumination

Our Flat Post Cap Lights do triple duty, offering protection and ambiance while adding safety and security to your home. The lights are low voltage, energy saving, and PLUG-N-Play.

We can’t think of a better way to protect your deck posts from rot, cracking, or the elements that with DEKOR post caps. Our post caps are low maintenance, easy to install, and backed by a 30-year warranty on the powder coat finish. More than that, they’re heavy duty – they’ll survive hurricanes, hail, and more. Your deck is an investment that adds value to your home. Protect your investment with quality aluminum post caps from DEKOR.

The lights use CREE LEDs and components made right here in America.

This is hassle-free, waterproof, LED lighting. If a light strip fails, it is easily replaced and covered under our 10-year warranty. Replacement strips are also available for purchase from DEKOR.

Like all DEKOR deck lighting products, our lighted post caps feature:

  • Long life CREE LEDs with a 10 Year Warranty

  • Warm white light, the ambiance of incandescent lighting

  • Full dimming capability with a DEKOR dimmer

DEKOR™ is an Energy Star partner and a CREE LEDs Branding Partner


  • Waterproof / Weatherproof / Salt Air Resistant / Hail Damage Resistant
  • Color Temperature: 3200k
  • 1.3 watts
  • 12v DC
  • Standard ~ 25 lumens
  • Next Gen ~ 40 lumens
  • Heavy duty, aircraft-grade aluminum die cast fixture
  • Corrosion Resistance from Alodine™ coating / Epoxy primer prior to powder coating
  • UV protection built into high quality powder coating formulation

The Top Light Flat Post Cap is designed to fit deck, fence, and dock posts. It is compatible with dimensional, composite, and vinyl post sleeves. It is also compatible with CCA (pressure treated) wood. We have done extensive accelerated testing with the materials we use in our products and have found no degradation or negative effects.

Finally, our Flat Post Cap Lights come with our unbeatable 10/30 year warranty, up to 3X longer than “comparable” post caps found at big box stores. Who says products aren’t built to last anymore?


  • 1 - Post Cap
  • 1 - 5' Plug & Play Wire





Warranty Policy DEKOR® products are manufactured with careful attention to detail to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We warranty the original purchaser of the product and from the original date of purchase as follows: ITEM POLICY For Powder Coat Finish 30 Year Warranty For all LED Deck Lights and Recessed Lights 10 Year Warranty when installed with DEKOR® brand transformers. No warranty when used with any other power source. For all LED Landscape Lights 5 Year Warranty when installed with DEKOR® brand transformers. No warranty when used with any other power source. For Under Cabinet LED Light Bars 5 Year Warranty when installed with DEKOR® brand transformers. No warranty when used with any other power source. For LED Transformers 3 Year Warranty when used exclusively for DEKOR® lighted Products. 2 Year Warranty from date of purchase when sold separately and used with non-DEKOR® LED lighted products.

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