Low Voltage Plug & Play Wiring by Dekor

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Heavy Duty Direct Bury Landscape Cable – Male to Male by Dekor

Heavy Duty Direct Bury Cable for our EZ EDGE LITE™  with Plug-N-Play, waterproof, male to male connectors. These cables make it possible to set up or expand your outdoor lighting project without having to run wire through conduit. Simply bury the cable or use ground cover to hide the cable, it’s up to you. This 20 gauge wire is UL rated and is made to withstand exposure to the elements. You can use any of the DEKOR® Plug-N-Play connectors with the Heavy Duty Direct Bury Cable. Use the Female to Female inline connector to extend a cable run, or  use the T-splitter or multi-port splitter to create multiple runs in different directions.All DEKOR® water proof connectors and cables work together to provide a simple and stress free installation that does not require an electrician.


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